Mohawk Foundation Stories

Family Legacy

Reise Family Foundation makes inaugural donation to new Mohawk Mountaineer Scholarship Fund.

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Paying it forward

Michael Desnoyers knows what it’s like to be a struggling student so he’s using his success to help today’s learners.

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Rallying Support

Donna Moreau wanted to take action on the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation and her colleagues in Student Life joined the cause.

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Life after a layoff

Dave Parkinson hopes his own journey – and a new scholarship in his name – inspires other mature students.

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Dennis's story

Dennis Campbell was a kind, generous man who devoted his life to family and helping others.

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Heather's story

Dennis Campbell was a kind, generous man who devoted his life to family and helping others.

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One day at a time

Winnie Capriotti's calling to serve others helped tens of thousands of families who were dealing with addiction and abuse issues. 

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A surprise financial gift

Generous, longstanding donors, Blair and Kathy McKeil, delivered an unexpected surprise to six students this summer. 

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grace siu in front of donor wall

A little bird told us

Grace Siu

Mohawk Graduate, Grace Siu, arrived in Hamilton from Hong Kong in 1994 expecting to go to school, graduate and return home. Feeling so welcomed...

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linda elliot in her home

Believing in Education

Linda Elliot

A single mother, Linda Elliot worked hard to help her daughter earn her diploma in Police Foundations at Mohawk College. Through a variety of business...

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city school trailer in parking lot

The school that comes to you

First donors: June & Doug Barber

Eliminating barriers to postsecondary education. With our experience as a major College in our region, we have learned there are many obstacles...

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students on stairwell

Sustainability at Mohawk

The Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation (JCPI) brought much needed, state-of-the-art lab, classroom, and office facilities to Mohawk College...

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laptop keyboard

Fun with Cybersecurity

Mohawk’s new Cybersecurity facility, found (if you have clearance : ) in the Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation, offers learning and research...

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medical professional with student

Seeing with sound

Hemophilia is a devastating bleeding disorder that affects its sufferers for life. After an episode, blood can collect in joints and tissues, creating pain...

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Rendering of Joyce Centre

The Joyce Family Foundation

The Joyce Family Foundation is making history at Mohawk College with a $5-million investment in technology and infrastructure...

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The story of two golden rules

Mischa Weisz’s golden rules make the world a better place.

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kathy and blair mckeil with student

The Blair & Kathy McKeil Student Community Involvement Awards

The McKeil’s, longstanding supporters of Mohawk College, have made a generous gift to support six students. Candidates are eligible...

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donors posing with each other

Glen Steeves, Edwin Infante and Ash Vasdani

When Glen Steeves, Edwin Infante and Ash Vasdani stepped up with a combined gift of $30,000 to support the Accessible College Dream initiative...

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Steve and Rosemary Marsh

Steve and Rosemary Marsh

As graduates of Mohawk College, both Steve and Rosemary appreciate the importance of a post-secondary education...

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donor supporters posing for photo

Ann McLaughlin and Joe Aiello

Ann McLaughlin and Joe Aiello share a passion for City School by Mohawk, and with their support, the program will continue to offer specialized learning programs and workshops encouraging...

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orange helicopter on runway

Mohawk Aviation programs get a lift from Ornge

Ontario's air ambulance service provider, Ornge donated this decommissioned Sikorsky S76-A helicopter to Mohawk College...

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Donations lead to new boardroom at Mohawk

The Hamilton Spectator has this story about the opening of the Bert Hares Boardroom at the McKeil School of Business. The boardroom will serve as a classroom for students from Mohawk's Insurance program...

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kelly waxman

Kelly Waxman, From Scholarship Recipient to Donor

From the beginning of her time at Mohawk, Kelly has led by example...

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nicole burgoin

Nicole Burgoin Memorial Scholarship

Like many young students who enter the Office Administration Program at Mohawk College, Nicole had ambitions and dreams...

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donors posing

ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Long-time partners of Mohawk College, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, pledged $1 million to support The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation...

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dentist with child

Basic Education and Abuse Recognition (BEAR) Endowed Bursary

Through his career as a general dentist in Hamilton, Dr. Frank Stechey has had a keen interest in forensic dentistry. He is known internationally...

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bill nelson at home

GT French Supports the Music Program

Bill Nelson had a long and full career as a professional accountant and business owner in Hamilton. After retiring...

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helen lamping

Helen Lamping

Helen Lamping’s estate gift is one that will continue the Lamping legacy of adult education at Mohawk College...

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heng chan

Heng Chan

As a professor who taught electrotechnology at Mohawk College for 29 years, Heng Chan made the decision to leave a gift in his Will to...

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ike and shahnaz ahmed

Ike and Shahnaz Ahmed Bursary

Ike Ahmed is a successful businessman and Chartered Financial Planner, as well as a volunteer, philanthropist, and a friend to Mohawk College...

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nicholas morelli on snowy mountainside

Neng Wang

As an international student, Neng Wang felt a strong sense of belonging at Mohawk College, a school which he says changed his life. Studying at Mohawk helped...

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Nicholas Morelli

Nicholas Morelli Memorial Scholarship

Nicholas Lawrence John Morelli was born February 19, 1987 to Larry and Lois in Hamilton, Ontario at the Henderson Hospital...

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rami patel with family member

Rami L. Patel Memorial Scholarship

At the age of eight living in India, Rami Patel was abruptly removed from school by her parents and forced to prepare...

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Lillian and Jon wherry with daughter Polly Lau

Robert P. Wherry Scholarship

Lillian Wherry, along with John Wherry and Polly Lau, her son and daughter-in-law, chose to establish an award in honour of her late husband and John’s father, Robert...

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donors from Ryder canada with student

Ryder Canada supports Stoney Creek Campus

Ryder Canada generously donated to the Stoney Creek campus and the Connections campaign...

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Sid and Elaine Kadish

Sid and Elaine Kadish

There’s a story behind every bursary and the one behind the Marion & Frances Kadish Bursary is of love and devotion to family...

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Student posing

Social Inc. and RBC partner in Support of Students

Mohawk College is proud to partner with RBC Royal Bank to support Social Inc., a positive space on Mohawk’s campus...

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The Masonic Foundation of Ontario

A lot can happen in twenty years, but some things never change, like the Masonic Foundation of Ontario’s continued support of Mohawk students...

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Peter Vicano

Vicano Construction Limited

Peter Vicano graduated from Mohawk College in 1972, and a year later he founded Vicano Construction Limited...

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