Glen Steeves, Edwin Infante and Ash Vasdani

glen steeves, edwin infante, ash vasdani

When Glen Steeves, Edwin Infante and Ash Vasdani stepped up with a combined gift of $30,000 to support the Accessible College Dream initiative, the Foundation knew the impact to Mohawk students would be substantial.

With a common connection as McDonald’s owners, Steeves, Infante and Vasdani, who are three community champions, pooled their resources to support Mohawk students and student-focused initiatives, including Access Strategies, through the Accessible College Dream.

“As a local McDonald’s franchisee, we have several Mohawk students who work with us,” Vasdani says. “I’m thrilled to be supporting their growth through this small gesture. Education is all about empowerment of our future generation.” 

Steeves, Infante and Vasdani have shown that together, we can accomplish so much more. Their combined support will help fund the Accessible College Dream program with:

  • Additional pre-admission support and entrance awards for First Generation students and students from priority neighbourhoods 
  • Increased awards, bursaries and Social Inc. placement opportunities. 

The Foundation would like to express a heart-felt thank you to Glen Steeves, Edwin Infante, and Ash Vasdani for their generous combined gift that will empower Mohawk students to transform their lives through education.

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