The story of two golden rules

Mischa Weisz’s golden rules make the world a better place.


Mischa Weisz thumbnail

To do that, he founded the Mischa Weisz Family Foundation based on two golden rules he lived by. First, he believed that youth are our future and we should invest in them deeply, if we want to make the world a better place. Second, while people may be trapped in unfortunate circumstances, or disadvantaged by complex factors, all of us have potential within us.

As a successful entrepreneur and founder of the TNS Smart Network, father, and philanthropist, Mischa always sought ways to help others. Since his passing, Mischa’s legacy will live on through a recent gift to City School by Mohawk, a community-based initiative that aims to break down barriers to education and employment. At its heart, City School changes the trajectory of youth lives, as a new path for the future is unveiled. A path they may not have thought possible - the path to obtain an education.

With its customized learning programs and workshops in familiar local settings, City School is a first step to postsecondary and employment pathways. As a result, City School has proven to mitigate growing skills gaps and creates stronger and more resilient neighborhoods by breaking cycles of under-education and unemployment.

By offering the tools people need to empower themselves and youth, Mischa’s generosity, compassion, and golden rules will live on through the future students and graduates of City School.