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Mohawk Foundation and our partners host a number of events each year. Our events are aimed at bringing Mohawk College supporters together to support students and celebrate community partnerships.

We look forward to working with you at one of our future events.


President’s Partnership Dinner

Dinner is served. And so is the community.

Our core business – offering an outstanding college experience of education, research, training, and more – has been thoughtfully created to be accessible and available to our amazing and diverse student body.

And, even as we strive to ensure that anyone can pursue their postsecondary dreams here at Mohawk College, we know there are those in our community who, under normal circumstances, cannot.

With the very gratifying support of attendees of The Mohawk Partnership Dinner, in 2015 we introduced City School by Mohawk College to help break down barriers to education and employment.

The Mohawk Partnership Dinner brings together our valued partners, colleagues, and supporters for an evening dedicated to the idea (or ideal) that education is for everyone. Past partners have included Six Nations Polytechnic and our health sciences community partners.

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attendees at the president's partnership dinner

The President’s Partnership Dinner.

President’s Golf Classic

May the course be with you!

It’s always a sunny day when our friends and colleagues get together to tee off for Mohawk! The 2019 President’s Golf Classic was supported by more than 30 sponsors, all contributing to an extraordinary day. Our thanks (times 18!) to everyone involved.

Proceeds from the 2019 President’s Golf Classic boosted the Access Bursary program at Mohawk. The program aims to reduce financial barriers for students who are the first in their family to attend post-secondary, Indigenous learners and crown wards.

The President’s Golf Classic is an annual event held in support of Mohawk College’s initiatives.

President’s Golf Classic.

The Marshall Family Annual Event

Annual and incredible.

Held in support of Mohawk’s Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades, The Marshall Family Annual Event is an evening of fun, games, food, and music.

Funds raised support students enrolled in programs at the Marshall School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship at our Stoney Creek Campus.

The Marshall family’s inspiring commitment to the Stoney Creek Campus began in 2006 with an amazing initial gift of $1.2 million. Since that time, they’ve continued their support by hosting an annual event, for which we are endlessly (and annually!) grateful.

More than two dozen event sponsors – many who look to Stoney Creek Campus graduates to meet their hiring needs – participate and help make the evening one to remember.

On behalf of The Marshall family and Mohawk College, we thank everyone involved for their support and we welcome new sponsors to get on board with this extraordinary expression of generosity towards Mohawk’s Stoney Creek programs and students.

attendees at the marshall family annual dinner event

The Marshall Family Annual Event.

Daniel Achig Aranha, International Business
English Assessment Entrance Scholarship

I would like to say ‘Gracias’ for your generous support. This assistance makes me the first person in my family to receive a financial award, but more importantly, it is an emotional recognition to believe in myself. My lifelong dream of attending an international college and obtaining a degree in Business Management can move forward thanks to your educational scholarships.

Alumni of Distinction Awards

Alumni of Distinction Awards
Save-the-date: October 8, 2020

The Alumni Association established the Alumni of Distinction Awards in 1995 to recognize prominent alumni for their unique career achievements, their commitment to helping others, and most importantly their extraordinary contributions within the communities they live.

An Awards Celebration organized every October to recognize the winners. We celebrate their accomplishments and honour these deserving individuals, acknowledge their accomplishments and call the public’s attention to the vital role Mohawk graduates play in the social and economic life of their communities.

Visit the Alumni of Distinction Awards website

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award winners posing

Alumni of Distinction Awards.

The Alumni Nine & Dine Golf Tournament

Alumni Nine & Dine Golf Tournament

Taking place annually in June at Flamborough Hills Golf & Country Club, the Alumni Association welcomes over 100 Mohawk Alumni, community members and friends as we golf in support of programs and services that assist students and alumni to be career ready.

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golfers posing together

The Alumni Nine & Dine Golf Tournament.