Benefits of online learning with City School by Mohawk

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What are the benefits of taking an online course? 

Learning support

Receive one-on-one support for first-time learners on how to log in and navigate the learning site. Gain an understanding of what is required of you as a learner and receive guidance in completing your academic work with an assigned Learning Support Officer for your course.

Learn at home

Save time and costs associated with commuting and learn from the comfort of your own home. Stay safe and keep busy while physical distancing is in effect.

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Access course materials and engage in learning that is customized to your lifestyle. Enjoy a blend of real-time lectures, posted videos and self-paced readings and activities.

Learn skills

Gain time management and independent learning skills in a supported environment. Develop computer skills in navigating e-learning platforms and communication software. Build a portfolio of employability and in-demand industry skills through our non-credit courses.

Earn credentials

Participate in one of our credit courses to earn a college credit that may be applied to future studies at Mohawk College.