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Mohawk College has partnered with triOS College to deliver future ready programs at our campus located in Mississauga, Ontario. This opportunity provides international students with a flexible option to learn, work and live in one of Canada’s most globally connected and culturally diverse cities.

Mississauga Campus students will receive a quality academic experience, with class schedules that provide flexibility while they study. Students will receive full credit from Mohawk College for all Mohawk College courses completed, and students who meet program graduation requirements will receive a credential from Mohawk College.

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What programs are offered? 

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Business (General) - 672

Two-year Ontario College Diploma
Develop an understanding of business skills, theories and best practices. Master fundamental skills in core business processes, including accounting, finance, marketing, business information systems and technology.

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Global Business Management - 673

Two-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Gain a critical understanding of the important elements of global business, a cultural orientation to Canada, and the language and communication requirements to be effective in a global business setting.

Learn more about Global Business Management - 673

Computer Systems Technician - Network Systems - 674

Two-year Ontario College Diploma
It’s a world of networks and connectivity ... learn about the systems that drive business and industry.

Learn more about Computer Systems Technician - Network Systems - 674

Office Administration - Health Services - 675

Two-year Ontario College Diploma
Become an important member of the health services industry with a specialized understanding of medical office practices, terminology, electronic medical records and more.

Learn more about Office Administration - Health Services - 675

Computer Systems Technician - Software Support - 676

Two-year Ontario College Diploma
From web apps to systems analysis and database design, learn to troubleshoot and develop software applications.

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International Business Management - 677

One-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate
This graduate program is designed to provide, in 8 months, the essential product management skills required to support the strategic development of products and services for domestic and international markets.

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Supply Chain Management - 678

One-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Learn the fundamentals of supply chain and advance your skill set in this complex and fast-paced business environment.

Learn more about Supply Chain Management - 678

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