Corporate Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the Mohawk College Corporate Policies and Procedures web page. This site is intended as a convenient reference for all members of the College community and functions to ensure consistency in the application of College rules and regulations. On this site, you will be able to access all active College policies and procedures. Should any concern arise as to the accuracy of any procedure posted on this webpage, the document that is maintained by the department or area concerned shall be deemed to be in force.

Any questions you may have regarding policies should be directed to the appropriate "owner" of the policy or the Manager, Risk, Legal and Governance Services, Jessica. jessica.lapcevich [at] (Email Jessica)

Policies and procedures are available in accessible formats upon request.

Regular Policy Updates

REVISED Rehiring Retirees Policy

The purpose of this policy is to identify circumstances whereby a retired College employee who is in receipt of CAAT Pension Plan (CAAT) pension benefits can subsequently return to work for the College.

Contact: Megan Mascarin, Chief Human Resources Officer, megan.mascarin [at] (subject: Rehiring%20Retirees%20Policy) (Email Megan)

REVISED Survey and Administrative Approval Policy

This policy has been updated with minor changes only.

This policy outlines the conditions under which members of the College community are requested to participate in surveys; the Institutional Survey and Administrative Approval Procedure; and the requirements for the collection, retention, dissemination of data and outcomes derived from surveys.

Contact: George Rombes, Chief Business Services Officer, george.rombes [at] (subject: Survey%20and%20Administrative%20Approval%20Policy) (Email George)

REVISED Indigenous Content in College Events Policy

This policy has been updated to include Hoop Dance Sacred Fire Guidelines.

This policy is intended to provide a framework for college departments and staff to incorporate Indigenous community members and Indigenous themes into college events in a timely, respectful, and culturally appropriate way.

Contact: Amanda White, Manager, Indigenous Student Services, amanda.white5 [at] (subject: Indigenous%20Content%20in%20College%20Events%20Policy) (Email Amanda)

REVISED Change of Name for Students Policy

This policy outlines the process for students and former students requesting to change their legal, preferred, chosen or lived name on their College records and to ensure appropriate processes are in place to maintain the integrity of College records.

As a college community, we endeavor to be equitable and inclusive in all our interactions, practices and processes.  Mohawk College is committed to upholding college members’ sense of belonging knowing this is integral to our collective working experience and well-being.

Contact: Krista Welsh, Registrar, krista.welsh [at] (subject: Change%20of%20Name%20for%20Students%20Policy) (Contact Krista)

REVISED Academic Integrity Policy (formerly Academic Honesty Policy)

This policy provides Mohawk College with guidelines with respect to promoting academic integrity. The policy describes a set of standard definitions; behaviours associated with maintaining academic integrity; and determinations of what constitutes a breach of academic integrity. The policy also identifies the rights and responsibilities of students, employees, and administration with respect to academic integrity; and the actions and sanctions associated with various breaches of integrity; and the process for which breaches are investigated, resolved, and appealed.

Contact: Janet Shuh, Dean, CE, Academic Quality & CTL, janet.shuh [at] (subject: Academic%20Integrity%20Policy) (Email Janet)

REVISED Student Behaviour Policy

This policy has been updated to reflect administrative and clarification changes only. Fulsome review ongoing. 

The purpose of this policy is to outline the principles of expected student behaviour in keeping with the College’s mission and shared values. It is intended to guide student behaviour, to respect and protect the rights and responsibilities of all students and employees at Mohawk College and to support employees in managing inappropriate student behaviour. It also outlines a range of responses including restorative measures and disciplinary sanctions that can be implemented depending on the severity and pattern of the behaviour in question.

Contact: Louisa Drost, Dean of Students, louisa.drost [at] (subject: Student%20Behaviour%20Policy) (Email Louisa), Maxine Carter, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, maxine.carter2 [at] (subject: Student%20Behaviour%20Policy) (Email Maxine)

REVISED Respectful Workplace (Anti-Harassment & Anti-Discrimination) Policy

Mohawk College is committed to ensuring a respectful and safe working and learning environment that recognizes the dignity and worth of all employees and students and in which all individuals are treated with respect. As a college community, we strive to be inclusive in all our interactions, practices, and processes.  We make every effort to preserve the sense of dignity and belonging of all our diverse members, knowing that this is integral to our collective work experience and well-being.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Develop and maintain a work and learning culture grounded in equity and inclusion which does not tolerate discrimination and/or harassment
  • State employees’ rights, responsibilities and types of conduct that are covered by this policy
  • Provide supportive resources, including training and coaching, to foster a respectful work and learning environment
  • Outline the procedures for responding to allegations of discrimination and harassment.  The procedures aim to provide people with multiple options for resolving harassment and discrimination concerns, including a complaint and investigation process and alternative resolution options.

Contact: Megan Mascarin, Chief Human Resources Officer, megan.mascarin [at] (subject: Respectful%20Workplace%20(Anti-Harassment%20%26%20Anti-Discrimination)%20Policy) (Email Megan)

REVISED Special Recognition Awards Policy

This policy has been updated with administrative changes only and is currently undergoing a fulsome review. 

This policy outlines approaches and criteria for recognizing outstanding service to the College and the community by an external organization or individual.

Contact: Katie Burrows, Registrar, katie.burrows [at] (subject: Special%20Recognition%20Awards%20Policy) (Email Katie)

REVISED Flexible Work Arrangements Policy

The purpose of Mohawk College’s Flexible Work Arrangements Policy (the “Policy”) is to support the attraction and retention of quality talent, support the operational effectiveness of the College and foster a community of wellness for its employees, to be consistent with Mohawk’s aspirations to strengthen supports, and to identify flexible work options that respect the diverse needs of all employees.  

The Policy explains the requirements and process to creating a positive flexible work arrangement between employees and their managers. This Policy provides a broad overview of the various types of flexible work arrangements and remote work arrangements available to College employees, where operational requirements are permitting, and the framework within which they are to be administered. 

This Policy outlines the key considerations for employees and managers to review in considering whether a flexible work arrangement is appropriate for the particular employee’s position and duties.  This Policy is considered a formal guideline to help support managers and employees in establishing these arrangements. It is important to acknowledge that no single approach will apply for all situations.

Contact: Megan Mascarin, Chief Human Resources Officer, megan.mascarin [at] (subject: Flexible%20Work%20Arrangements%20Policy) (Email Megan) or Neil Culp, Director, Employment Relations, TAC & HRC, neil.culp [at] (subject: Flexible%20Work%20Arrangements%20Policy) (Email Neil)

REVISED Health and Safety Policy

Mohawk College values the health, safety and well-being of the College community and is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment through policies, programs, procedures and guidelines that meet or exceed the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Workers, visitors and contractors are responsible for working safely and in accordance with applicable legislation and Mohawk College requirements. To achieve a healthy and safe workplace, we must all work together to create a high level of health and safety awareness and respect health and safety policies, procedures and legislation.

Contact: Megan Mascarin, Chief Human Resources Officer, megan.mascarin [at] (subject: Health%20and%20Safety%20Policy) (Email Megan)

REVISED Acceptance of Payment Cards Policy

The purpose of Mohawk College’s Acceptance of Payment Cards Policy is to outline the responsibilities of individuals who accept and process payment cards on behalf of the College. This policy will also establish procedures for accepting, processing and storing information relating to payment card transactions at the College that will minimize risk and are within the rules, regulations and guidelines established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Contact: Joanne Lack, Manager, Accounting Services joanne.lack [at] (subject: Acceptance%20of%20Payment%20Cards%20Policy) (Email Joanne )or Andrew Frank, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Information Security and Governance andrew.frank [at] (subject: Acceptance%20of%20Payment%20Cards%20Policy) (Email Andrew)

REVISED Sexual Assault and Sexualized Violence Policy

Mohawk College is committed to preventing and addressing all forms of sexual assault and sexualized violence (herein referred to as sexualized violence) within the College Community. All members of this community (i.e. all students, employees, governors, volunteers, appointees, contractors/suppliers and invited guests) have a right to study, work and socialize in an environment free from all forms of sexualized violence.

The primary purpose of this policy and related procedures is to ensure that those affected are believed, appropriately supported and accommodated, and to set out the way in which the College responds to and addresses sexualized violence. It also makes it clear that the College’s process of investigation provides procedural fairness and holds individuals who have committed sexualized violence accountable.

Contact: Maxine Carter, Chief, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, maxine.carter2 [at] (subject: SASV%20Policy) (Email Maxine)

NEW Testing Centre Usage Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the services, priorities and responsibilities of the Testing Centre, including important processes related to test booking, communication, academic integrity, academic accommodations, and confidentiality. This policy also outlines the responsibilities of students and employees who require use of the facility. 

Contact: Hetal Patel , Manager, Testing Centre hetal.patel [at] (subject: Testing%20Centre%20Usage%20Policy) (Email Hetal) or Aisling Burke, Director, Student Success Initiatives aisling.burke [at] (subject: Testing%20Centre%20Usage%20Policy) (Email Aisling)

NEW Animals on Campus Policy

The purpose of this policy and related procedures is to manage and identify circumstances where animals are permitted on campus.

Contact: Louisa Drost, Chief, Wellness, Accountability and Student Engagement Officer, Email Louisa


Policies No Longer in Effect

The following policies have been removed from the Corporate Policies Webpage as they are no longer applicable to College operations.

CS-1501-2007 Electronic Communications Policy
SS-3203-2008 Academic Honesty Policy (Now Academic Integrity Policy)
RP802 Internal Crisis Communications Procedure
CS-1404-2008 Reporting and Responding to Violence Procedure
ERP812 Sudden Death on Campus Procedure
AS-2100-2013 Mohawk College Research Ethics Board Policy
CS-1700-1976 Commercial Activities on College Property Policy
CS-1502-2002 Information Technology - Use and Security Policy
CS-1313-2013 Academic Vacation Policy
ERP809 Emergency Lockdown Procedure
CS-1701-1972 Control of Rental Facilities
GC-4301-1982 Human Rights

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