Corporate Policies and Procedures

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Policies and procedures may be impacted by changes implemented as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. For more information on policy and procedure changes, please refer to the 'COVID-19 Policy Updates' section below, or, where not posted, jessica.lapcevich [at] (email Jessica Lapcevich.) For information related to Mohawk College's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


Welcome to the Mohawk College Corporate Policies and Procedures web page. This site is intended as a convenient reference for all members of the College community and functions to ensure consistency in the application of College rules and regulations. On this site, you will be able to access all active College policies and procedures.

Should any concern arise as to the accuracy of any procedure posted on this webpage, the document that is maintained by the department or area concerned shall be deemed to be in force.

Any questions you may have regarding policies should be directed to the appropriate "owner" of the policy or the Manager, Risk, Legal and Governance Services, Jessica. jessica.lapcevich [at] (Email Jessica)

Policies and procedures are available in accessible formats upon request.


COVID-19 Policy Updates

Student Behaviour Policy PDF (175kb)
For clarity, inappropriate student behaviour identified in Appendix A now explicitly states behaviour which violates a provincial or federal law, including all Public Health regulations, including, the Quarantine Act, and, behaviour which violates college polices, protocols or directives.

Fleet Management Policy PDF (269kb)
In addition to existing policy requirements, all authorized drivers will be expected to abide by the following:

  • Follow Public Health Guidelines to protect drivers and limit the spread of COVID-19 in commercial vehicles;
  • Ensure that a maximum of 1 person is in a vehicle at a time;
  • Hand sanitizing must be performed before and after each use;
  • Follow proper hygiene by keeping hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth and washing hands after each vehicle use;
  • Wear a non-medical face mask while  operating any College fleet vehicle;
  • Ensure that hand sanitizer is available and stored each vehicle.
  • Submit inspection forms electronically.
  • Submit Authorized Driver Applications electronically.


Regular Policy Updates

REVISED Vacation Carryover Policy for Administrative, Support, and Academic (Non-Teaching) PDF (892kb)
The purpose of the policy is to provide instructions regarding the management of vacation carry-over for all full-time Administrative, Support Staff and Academic (non-teaching) employees.

Contact: Megan Mascarin, Chief Human Resources Officer, megan.mascarin [at] (subject: Vacation%20Carryover%20Policy) (Email Megan)

REVISED Wireless and Cellular Technology Policy PDF (236kb)
This policy outlines the College’s position on the acquisition of wireless and cellular devices, management of usage and data plans, acceptable use, and invoicing. 

Contact: Sinisa Aleksa, Chief Information Officer, sinisa.aleksa [at] (subject: Wireless%20and%20Cellular%20Technology%20Policy) (Email Sinisa)

NEW Contract Management Policy PDF (229kb)
This Policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the contract management process, establishes controls required to manage contractual risk, and provides procedures for the development and review of Contracts.

Contact: Sue Russwurm, Contract Administrator, sue.russwurm [at] (subject: Contract%20Management%20Policy) (Email Sue)


Policies No Longer in Effect

The following policies have been removed from the Corporate Policies Webpage as they are no longer applicable to College operations.

ERP802 Internal Crisis Communications Procedure
CS-1404-2008 Reporting and Responding to Violence Procedure
ERP812 Sudden Death on Campus Procedure
AS-2100-2013 Mohawk College Research Ethics Board Policy
CS-1700-1976 Commercial Activities on College Property Policy
CS-1502-2002 Information Technology - Use and Security Policy
CS-1313-2013 Academic Vacation Policy
ERP809 Emergency Lockdown Procedure
CS-1701-1972 Control of Rental Facilities
GC-4301-1982 Human Rights
Mohawk College Procurement Directive
CS-1201-2014 Procurement Approval Levels
SS-3301-1981 Posting and Solicitation
GC-4201-1985 Internal Publications (Newsletters)
CS-1200-1978 Art Acquisition
SS-3002-1989 Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries
CS-1209-2005 Return of Goods
CR Purchasing Scope and Responsibilities
AS-2004-2007 Course Outline
CS-1007-1980 Financial Aid
CS-1504-1996 The World Wide Web Page
CS-1205-2012 Capital Purchases
CS-1206-2012 Establishing Signing Authority
CS-1209-2012 Return of Goods to Suppliers
CS-1210-2012 Disposal or Reassignment of Surplus Assets

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