Student Testimonials

Here's what people are saying about City School!


a women standing

I am a wife and mother of four who has been out of the workforce for over eight years. I am a shy person with very little experience, and have had a hard time finding a job. I heard about City School through social media and signed up for the Job Ready Toolkit and Family Dynamics course. I have always wanted to go to Mohawk College for the ECE program, but never felt like I had the option because of my fear of failing and issues finding child care.

City School was able to help me with free child-minding with a full-time Mohawk College ECE student who has been amazing with my son. I have been enjoying the City School programs, and been able to keep up with my normal routines being a wife and mom, all while still attending my classes!

I have learned so much about myself, and have become more confident with discussing my skills in interviews, and know that I do have the ability to succeed.

Thanks City School, for offering these free courses to people like myself who wouldn't have normally had the chance to attend!


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I took the Job Ready Toolkit and Family Dynamics course to prepare me for the Social Service Worker or ECE programs at Mohawk. The teachers at City School are fun and always made me feel welcomed. The courses made me feel more confident about my future!


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This fall I was a student in the Family Dynamics course, with the goal of going to College, and onto University to be a Social Worker. What I enjoyed most about City School (besides the fact that it's free) were the teachers! The courses are a great stepping stone to prepare for college and embedding confidence in yourself. City School helped me to realize my full potential!


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I took the Family Dynamics course through City School with the goal of going to University. I really enjoyed the classes and the instructor was very supportive. I feel more prepared for my future and can add this experience to my resume.


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I enrolled in Digital Photojournalism at Central Library with the goal of getting into radio or television media. I really enjoyed the hands-on field experience in the course, and our instructor was very helpful and an incredible resource. City School helped me prepare for my future by opening new opportunities for me to learn.


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My goal is to pursue a college diploma, but I am still getting a feel for what program I would like to pursue. I really enjoyed taking the Digital Photojournalism course at Central Library, along with the energy of the teacher and the curriculum. City School helped me gain the skills and confidence to continue to want to learn.


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The Photojournalism course built up my confidence, and it was a very comfortable learning environment. The instructor was very knowledgeable!


I took the Digital Photojournalism and College 101 courses, and am considering a future in graphic design. I enjoyed that City School was a very rewarding experience that gave me the feeling of achieving something. The programs worked with my life style, and I was made accountable to work hard to get results, but was supported by the College-level teachers. City School helped me learn to organize my time, set goals, and focus on my strengths.


I took College 101 to help me prepare to be a college student. I enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things. City School helped me prepare for my future by helping me learn skills I need to reach my goals


[The teacher and learning support officer] ensured that everyone was supported and understood the content and deliverables asked of them. They covered a wide variety of topics and even in this one course have taught me so much about an industry I thought I knew previously. (Horticulture student)


Excellent course material. Presented well by teachers who really enjoy what they do. (Horticulture student)