Advanced Automation and Manufacturing



What is the Advanced Automation and Manufacturing program?
This Early College Graduation Program is a partnership between Mohawk College, select high schools in the Greater Hamilton area and industry partners, enabling the student to earn both an Ontario Secondary School Diploma and a College Certificate at their own pace, gaining valuable mentorship and industry experience along the way.


How does this Advanced Automation and Manufacturing program work?
In four years*, students will earn their OSSD while also earning an Ontario College Certificate in Mohawk College's Advanced Manufacturing Operations program with value-added credentials from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council's Certified Production Technician Program (MSSC).

While in this program students will:

  • take regular high school courses required to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • take paired credit and dual credit courses with Mohawk College instructors and their high school teachers required to earn a college certificate
  • participate in real work experiences with industry partners, exploring various careers through internship, coaching and mentoring

...all at no cost to the student!

*The length of enrollment is tailored to the learning needs and educational goals of each student.

Who is Eligible for this Early College Graduation Program?

Mohawk's Early College Graduation Program is intended for interested and motivated students coming into Grade 9. Students will reflect the dynamic and diverse neighbourhoods that make up Greater Hamilton high school populations. Student enrollment in the Early College Graduation Program requires completion of a student information form and teacher/principal referral.

Students should be:

  • interested in things such as system design, machining, welding, 3-D printing and robotics
  • eager to learn the skills needed to succeed in technology industries
  • committed to a strong attendance record (as evidenced in elementary school)
  • curious, dedicated hands-on learners ready to take on the challenges of school, college, work and life

What career pathways await Advanced Automation and Manufacturing students?

Students will be prepared to begin a career in the Automation and Advanced Manufacturing pathways, developing new markets, new technology, and new methods for existing products . Through this Early College Graduation Program, students will have the opportunity to develop skills in focus areas such as:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • Industrial Automation & Robotics
  • Process Control & Monitoring
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Digital Literacy/Data Analytics
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • and more!

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