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New to Canada? Turn your international education and experience into a job opportunity

Workplace Preparation (also known as Enhanced Language Training) is a FREE program offered to qualified newcomers that have considerable background and experience from their country but have not yet worked in their field in Canada. Apply now to start in September!

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Welcome to Workplace Preparation

Develop the tools, strategies and confidence necessary to help you find a job in your field in Canada

Program highlights

  • expand your understanding about your profession in Canada.
  • build a professional network within your field of interest.
  • develop strong job search and interview techniques.
  • develop effective cover letters and resumes to highlight your skills.
  • earn five micro-certifications supported by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and endorsed by eCampus.


  • You are a permanent resident of Canada or protected person who lives in Ontario.
  • You have international education and relevant work experience.
  • You have current proof of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 6 or higher.

Five modules program

Labour Market

Expand your understanding about your profession and stay current in your field with a research project on your profession in Canada.

  • Learn industry specific information, market trends and current issues within your profession
  • Compare average salaries across cities and provinces
  • Research new opportunities for employment through the exploration of alternative career options
  • Learn about informational interviews


When: Mondays

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interview Techniques

Learn the essentials of portfolios, resumes and cover letters and boost your confidence at a job interview 

  • Create a creative and personalized e-portfolio that reflects your accomplishments and skills.

  • Learn how to choose the most effective cover letter and resume format to highlight your qualifications and experience and tailor it to a job posting.

  • Learn how to effectively answer different types of interview questions in individual, panel, telephone and group interviews and build your confidence through extensive practice
  • Learn how to follow up after an interview


When: Tuesdays - Thursdays

Workplace Communication I

Strengthen your workplace communication skills

  • Voicemail messages
  • One-minute speech
  • Small talk and business etiquette
  • Intercultural communication
  • Effective presentations
  • Targeted pronunciation work


When: Wednesdays

Workplace Communication II

Enhance your teamwork and problem-solving skills

  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Learn creative/critical thinking techniques
  • Learn ethics in the workplace
  • Working in teams (workplace dilemmas)
  • Targeted pronunciation work


When: Wednesdays

Job Search Techniques

Identify job opportunities, find the hidden job market, and make your job application stand out. 

  • Learn how to tailor an existing resume and cover letter and match your transferable skills to a specific job description
  • Learn the importance of networking in Canada and build your networking skills
  • Use LinkedIn to network strategically with other professionals in Canada
  • Create a networking business card
  • Conduct informational interviews with people from your field
  • Learn about/create a professional portfolio
  • Elevator conversations for networking purposes


When: Tuesdays - Thursdays




What are micro-certifications?
How do you benefit from them?



Micro-certifications are digital credentials that are valuable for potential employees.


 They have labour market value because:

  • they are tailored to employer or industry needs.
  • they are designed to target high-demand skills with the goal of leading to faster hiring.
  • they help match work-ready employees with gaps in the labour market.

Program details

  • Two intakes per semester:
    • Intake 1: September 14 to October 23. (Orientation week: September 8 to 11)
    • Intake 2: November 2 to December 18. (Orientation week: October 26 to 30)
  • Zoom meeting schedule:
    • Monday to Thursday, from 10 - 11 am
    • Students are encouraged to attend the above Zoom meeting per day per module
    • Daily Zoom meeting will be recorded and posted online the same day for those students unable to attend at the scheduled time.
  • Online program: participants need to have access to a computer with camera, microphone, and sound as well as an Internet connection.

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Start September 8, 2020

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Newcomer Success Story

manoj lalit

Manoj Lalit credits the Workplace Preparation program at Mohawk College with getting two offers of jobs in his field. Manoj is an Accounts Payable (Finance & Accounting) professional from India with 15 years of experience. He began looking for work when he first arrived in Canada but became discouraged because he didn’t get any responses to his applications. He realized he needed to learn how to look for a job in Canada and that he needed expert guidance. He turned to the Workplace Preparation Program at Mohawk College and says that this program helped him to... Read more 

Student Testimonials

Here's what former students are saying about the Workplace Preparation Program:


Jaime Loaiza.jpg

Jaime Loaiza

Prior to starting Workplace Preparation program (WPP), I found myself needing a much clearer path for landing in my field in Canada. Five months prior to starting the program, I was struggling with coming to the realization that I was no longer working in my professional field. 

There are many different obstacles internationally trained professionals have to navigate and solve once here in Canada. This can be overwhelming initially and challenging at times to move past. WPP helped highlight some of those barriers and how to overcome them. Having the opportunity to be in an academic environment, sharing and gaining knowledge with everyone in the program positively affected my well-being, allowing me to adapt more smoothly and better understand how to effectively apply within my field of work in Canada.

Jaime has a background in Architectural Technology

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