The newest Golden Graduates: Class of 1971

Class of 71 Jacket

In 2021, the Class of 1971 will celebrate their 50th anniversary.

The year is 1971.

Starbucks pours its first cup of coffee. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and a Clockwork Orange hit theatres. Paul McCartney releases his second solo album.

FedEx sends their first package. The Pentagon Papers are released. Hundreds of thousands anti-Vietnam war protestors march on Washington. Greenpeace begins their pursuit to save the planet.

Boston Bruins’ Bobby Orr signs the first million dollar contract in NHL history. The Mars 3 spacecraft sends the first transmission from Mars. Ed Sullivan signs off the air for the last time.

And the Class of ’71 head out into the world to pursue their dreams with their Mohawk education in hand.

It has been fifty years since these students became alumni of Mohawk and it’s time to celebrate their golden anniversary.

By Meaghan Drury '12

This was originally posted in the Spring 2021 online InTouch magazine.