Premier's Awards

The Premier's Awards for graduates of Ontario's colleges recognize the important social and economic contribution college graduates make to Ontario and throughout the world.

Annually, the Premier's Awards for Ontario College Graduates honour seven outstanding graduates in the following categories: Apprenticeship, Business, Community Services, Creative Arts and Design, Health Sciences, Technology, Recent Graduate (graduated in the past 5 years).

Chosen from nominations submitted by Ontario’s 24 colleges, nominees demonstrate outstanding career success related to their college experience and have made a significant contribution to their community. The individual’s career achievements will be given top priority.

Annually Mohawk College puts forth seven nominees to Ontario's Premier's Award.

Past Mohawk College recipients include

  • Kathy Lerette - Technology, 2019
  • Jad Saliba - Technology, 2018
  • Sarah Moir - Recent Graduate, 2011
  • Marnie Flaherty - Community Services, 2006
  • Dominic Agostino - Community Services, 2004
  • Nancy Heddle - Health Sciences, 2002
  • Kendra Gregson - Applied Arts, 1999
  • Marlene Conway - Business, 1997
  • Raymond Simmons - Technology, 1996
  • Amos Key - Applied Arts, 1994

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