Keith McIntyre's Gift Catalogue Challenge

Keith McIntyre

Sharing his passion for supporting students, Past President McIntyre has established a new challenge.

Past Mohawk President (1976-1996), Keith McIntyre, was browsing Facebook one day when he saw a post about a Mohawk College Foundation gift catalogue. The initiative, created by Mohawk College Foundation, helps students pay for their tuition, books, supplies, and more to help reduce financial stress and allow students to focus on their studies.

Keith remembered how difficult it had been for many students to afford college. He made his regular gift to the Foundation in support of students, and his mind wandered to the past student leaders he worked so closely with during his time at the college. He always hoped to instill the belief of philanthropy into Mohawk’s graduates and leaders. He also knows the shortfalls in funding and the rising costs of being a student.

That is when his big idea came.

He decided he would offer a match challenge to graduates who served as student leaders during the years he was President, including the Students’ Athletics Committee (SAC), Students’ Representative Council (SRC), The Mohawk College Association of Continuing Education Students or Board of Governor’s student representatives. He would match dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 for each academic year. This challenge helped provide funding for students to afford groceries, rent, tuition, and other costs.

Due to the global pandemic, students are facing financial difficulties they could have never anticipated. Like many others, they face the loss of part-time jobs, adjusting home resources to accommodate online learning, and unplanned trips home.

In effort to continue his passion for helping students, Keith’s Challenge is entering its second year and will increase the impact of every donation made by previous student leaders and help students immediately.

Will you accept Keith’s Challenge? Make your gift today.

By Cheryl Stornelli '07

This was originally posted in the Spring 2021 online InTouch magazine.