Tawnya Brant

Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient
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Tawnya Brant

Alumni of Distinction

Tawnya Brant

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Aboriginal Small Business Management
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Chef and Owner, Yawékon by Chef Tawnya Brant

Tawnya Brant is an accomplished chef who proudly celebrates her Indigenous culture through food and cooking. 

While growing up on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Tawnya’s family lived off produce from their garden and hunting. This approach to food ultimately influenced her choice to pursue a career as a culinary chef. 

Tawnya began her career as a freelance support chef, helping to open everything from mom-and-pop shops to prime franchise restaurants. After attending college, she launched her business Yawékon Foods By Chef Tawnya Brant. The daily menu for ‘quick gourmet’ takeout supports Indigenous food producers and hunters, showcasing time-honoured ingredients from her culture, and fusing Haudenosaunee dishes with other global cuisine. 

Tawnya appeared as a competitor on season 10 of Top Chef Canada and will soon be launching a line of packaged foods to serve remote territories.