Library and Information Technician Field Work 1 and 2 Placement Planning Form

Complete this form at least six weeks prior to the time when you hope to start your field placement.

Field Work Prerequisites:

Field Work 1

  • INFO 10172 (Information Technology for Library Technicians)
  • LIBR 10041 (Online Searching)
  • LIBR 10042 (Resource Description and Access I)
  • LIBR 10037 (Circulation and Inter-Library Loan)
  • Corequisite - LIBR 10044 (Reference Processes) and LIBR 10039 (Library Classification) should be taken either prior to or concurrently.

Field Work 2

  • WORK LT290 (Field Work 1)
  • INFO LT402 (Electronic Publishing and Emerging Library Technologies)
  • LIBR 10040 (Library Programming, Marketing and Advocacy)
  • INFO LT340 (Database Design for Information Workers)
  • LIBR LT350 (Acquisitions)
  • LIBR LT351 (Serials)
  • HRES LT150 (Human Relations and Supervision)
  • LIBR10039 (Library Classification)
  • LIBR 10043 (Resource Description and Access II)
  • LIBR 10044 (Reference Processes)
  • Corequisite - LIBR 10038 (Indexing and Subject Analysis) should be taken either prior to or concurrently.

Prerequisite courses:
(i.e. I am currently registered in the prerequisite course, applying for exemption, completing PLAR etc.)
Field Work Session
Library Name, Position, and Employment Dates. You must also include the total number of hours worked for each employer. If this form is for your second placement, please include your Field Work 1 information.
Please share these with your field placement supervisor
These cannot be libraries or library systems where you currently work or have previously worked, and they should be different types of libraries/library work that will help to broaden your experience.