Continuing Education Student Roadmap

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth experience in Continuing Education!

Step 1: Choose your program or course!

Browse our Area of StudyCE Program Search or CE Course Search web pages to discover our fields of study.

Ensure you meet the admission requirements

Find out what the admission requirements are, and ensure you meet them, prior to registering.

Discover the current offerings

Visit our virtual catalogue to explore courses currently being offered.

Step 2: Register for your course

There are a variety of ways to register for a Continuing Education course. Visit our How to Register page to learn more.

Get started

Visit our Welcome to Continuing Education web page to find out everything you need to know about starting your studies. From activating your online accounts to student supports - you'll find everything you need to know!

Step 3: Begin your studies

All courses have a start date and you should be prepared to begin on that date.

Delivery Methods

  • If your delivery method is OntarioLearn you will be able to access your course on the start date. Detailed information can be found on our OntarioLearn Courses webpage.
  • If your delivery method is MyCanvas you will be able to access your course on the start date. Detailed information can be found on our MyCanvas Courses webpage.
  • If your delivery method is classroom or blended you will come to the campus indicated on your registration receipt, at the time indicated, on the first night. You can find your room number in our online room scheduling system - WhereEnCampus.

Details on other delivery methods can be found in the course descriptions.

Step 4: Complete your course

Your instructor will provide you with any information needed to complete your course. OntarioLearn and MyCanvas students should keep in mind that online courses could have an in person exam. You can find more information on our Exams webpage.

Receive your grade

Grades will be posted to your MyMohawk account anywhere from one to six weeks following the end date. Visit the How do I find my Continuing Education grades? webpage for more information.

Continue in your program

If you've chosen to work towards a credential continue to register for, and complete, courses from your program of study. Remember that some courses have prerequisites and you should ensure you are completing them in the correct order. The Program of Studies is posted on your program web page. It is your responsibility to keep track of your academic progress.

Step 5: Prepare to Graduate

When you've successfully completed all the courses from your Program of Studies (diploma or certificate) you can Apply to Graduate. Continuing Education Convocation is normally held in October of each year. Students completing an Acknowledgement of Completion can apply online for this document.


Feel free to contact us any time!