OntarioLearn Courses


Prior to the start date

  • Purchase your textbook(s) and/or needed materials. Visit our textbooks page for details.
  • Ensure you know your start date. You will not be able to access your OntarioLearn course until the start date.

Upcoming Start Dates

Intake Start Date Registration Cutoff Date End Date
April 2019 April 1 April 8 July 8
May 2019 May 14 May 24 August 20
June 2019 June 3 June 10 September 9
July 2019 July 2 July 9 October 8
August 2019 August 1 August 8 November 7

Prepare to access your Ontario Learn Course

  • Watch a short video from Mohawk College


Accessing your OntarioLearn course

  • Visit www.ontariolearn.com
  • Click on the Login button near the top right
  • Enter your username (maximum of 15 characters) following the example below: 
Part  #1   Part # 2 Part # 3  Part # 4
mo dash (-) The first 3 characters of your first name The first 9 letters of your last name 
Example for a student named Jane Smith = mo-jansmith

Example for a student named Richard Crawford = mo-riccrawford

  • Enter your password.  The first time you login your password will be newone.  You will be asked to change your password - follow the instructions on the screen once you are logged in.

Technical Support

  • Embanet Technical Support: 1-800-695-5008
  • Web Request: www.ontariolearn.com/help - 24 hour online chat available.
  • Technical Assistance is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

More Information

  • Your MohawkID number is the 9 digit number located on your registration receipt. It will stay the same for any and all courses at Mohawk College, and is important when booking exams and registering for new courses.
  • Your MyMohawk login is NOT the same as your OntarioLearn login.
  • Visit the Transfer, Waitlist, and Withdraw page for information on withdrawing from your course.
  • Visit the Refunds page for information on refunds.
  • Mohawk College reserves the right to limit, cancel, adjust or relocate classes/courses without notice, if necessary. A full refund will be issued for courses cancelled by the College.
  • You should keep copies of your course outlines from all courses.
  • Grades will be posted to your MyMohawk account 4 to 6 weeks after the end date of your course.  Step-by-step instructions for accessing your grades are available in the Find Final Grades in MyMohawk Guide.