Hire Co-operative Education Students

College student surveying at a wind farm

We know co-op.

As Canada’s first college to offer co-operative education, we know the value it offers students and employers.

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50 years of co-op. Canada's first College to offer co-op

How does co-op work?

Co-operative Education links the academic learning process with the workplace through paid, practical work experiences that are integrated with the learning objectives of the program of studies. Not only do these job experiences facilitate the student's vocational and personal development, but in return, your organization receives a skilled short-term hire and a dedicated talent pipeline.

Employer benefits

  • Access highly motivated students from our 25 co-op programs
  • Evaluate on-the-job performance for future graduate hiring
  • Reduce recruiting costs and improve retention rates through the co-op hiring process
  • Gain increased visibility among Mohawk's top talent
  • Fill short-term vacancies for special projects, vacations, contracts and seasonal needs
  • Eliminate or reduce the training period for future graduate hiring
  • Access financial hiring incentives

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