Adam McClare

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Adam McClare

Alumni of Distinction

Adam McClare

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Director, Brand Management, Ontario Power Generation

Adam McClare is a senior marketing professional whose philanthropy and adventurous spirit has taken him across the globe.

Throughout his career, he has progressed as an account manager at advertising agencies MacLaren McCann and KBS Canada. Today, Adam is leading a rebranding and content-first marketing approach at Ontario Power Generation that is focused on the company’s sustainability initiatives and rolling out new customer-facing brands.

Three years after graduating from Mohawk’s advertising program, Adam co-founded his charity Summit for SickKids that has led mountain climbing expeditions around the world to raise awareness and funds for Toronto’s pediatric hospital. To date, his efforts have raised more than $210,000. Adam has also given his time to the organizations Innocence Canada and UN Women.

Further to his Mohawk diploma, he holds a bachelor of arts degree in marketing and mass media communications.

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