Kyle Sieber: Metal fabricator grad builds career in steel construction

With 14 year in the trades under his belt, Kyle Sieber ‘14 began studying at Mohawk College. He credits his program and his employer for bringing him to the next level of his career.

“My employer registered me to do my apprenticeship at Mohawk, in the Metal Fabricator program,” he says. “I wanted to further expand my skills and knowledge of the trades and Mohawk helped me do that.”

Mohawk’s Metal Fabricator (Fitter) apprenticeship program assists apprentices with the educational portion for their chosen trade. This program has an “earn while you learn” training model, which allows for the combination of on-the-job and in-school training. Classes are led by faculty and staff who are experienced, licensed journeypersons that have a wide range of knowledge and experience to aid up-and-coming apprentices.

Kyle began his apprenticeship with Walters Group prior to his Mohawk studies. Because of this, he was able to enroll in the apprenticeship program, to work and study all at once. It was a rewarding and challenging experience for Kyle, and he’s grateful for every aspect.

“Mohawk taught me a lot. I excelled my skillset and knowledge of the metal fabricating trade. My teacher had extensive experiences that taught me how to be a person in the trades, and the work ethic I learned through assignment deadlines really helped,” he says.

For Kyle, a career in management is somewhat of a family affair. His father is a manager in his vocation, and it has been an ultimate goal for Kyle to follow that similar path.

“All I wanted to do was become a fitter and build great things that could be seen by all,” he says. “I wanted to follow in my fathers’ footsteps and one day become a manager in my respective field.”

Today, Kyle is a plant manager at Walters Group. He has achieved his vocational goal, going from general labourer to his current position in management in under a decade. This is something Kyle prides himself on achieving, especially in such a short timeframe. And his father couldn’t be prouder.

Kyle says, “I started as a general labourer, became a welder, and then a fitter. I always wanted to do more and more. I became a fitter, enjoyed that and kept striving to reach the next level of success. My dad is very proud of me and has told me many times. He’s kept me on course when I wanted to give up. It’s gratifying to know I’ve become a manager like my dad, especially at such a young age.”

14 years after he began his journey into the trades, Kyle has achieved more than he thought possible. Reflecting upon his journey, he talks about what’s kept him grounded and all the experiences he’s had so far that have seen him through.

“I take what I’ve learned from Mohawk and Walters, and pass it down,” he says. “My Mohawk education has helped me be a mentor to the junior folks here. I love helping others achieve their goals and succeed, and also love what our company builds for the world to see.”

A career in the trades is high-in-demand and essential to moving society forward. Kyle has some key advice for folks who are pursuing this career for themselves.

Kyle says, “Put an honest day’s work in, and be grateful for where you’re at. If you truly do this day in and day out, good things can happen. Make sure things are done on time, try your hardest, get the job done, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way.”