Clinical and Lab Information for CE Health and Nursing Students

Continuing Education (CE) Health offers a variety of fieldwork, lab and clinical experiences to students in many of our programs. Any program that contains a clinical experience, fieldwork, practicum or lab experience that is held in a hospital or elsewhere in the community will require that the student complete preclinical clearances (HLTH10223). Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding fieldwork courses and preclinical requirements for Continuing Education students.

General Clinical Q&A

Q. How do I know if my program has a clinical experience?
A. The clinical experience course will be listed in the Program of Studies in the Continuing Education Catalogue or on the Program of Studies tab on the program webpage. Clinicals are typically the last course listed in a Program of Studies as they must be completed after all other courses in the program.

Q. What are clinical experiences?
A. Many programs within CE Health have clinical experiences. These fieldwork courses allow you to apply the skills and knowledge you have acquired from the theory classes you have taken for your certificate in a hands-on experience in a hospital/laboratory/other healthcare setting.

Q.What is the difference between a Lab and a Clinical?
A. Labs are set on a predetermined date, and at a predetermined time and location. Clinicals take place in a variety of hospital settings and at varying times and schedules. For labs, you will not need to submit a clinical request form, but you WILL still need to complete required health clearances through HLTH10223.

Q. How many hours is a clinical experience?  What is the schedule?
A. Clinical experiences vary in length depending on your program. In the Program of Studies, the total number of hours for your clinical will be listed beside the course. Most clinicals can vary from approximately 24 to 160 hours total with a couple of exceptions. Some clinical experiences require you to be available full-time for the hours required. You can request a schedule based on your availability, but we cannot guarantee that your desired site will be able to accommodate the dates and times you had indicated on your Clinical Placement Request Form.  Lab experience courses, which are held on predetermined dates and times, can be only 4-8 hours each. See the Program of Studies for your desired program for information. 

Q. How do I communicate with my clinical assessor? Where can I find documents and important information pertaining to the evaluation of my clinical? 
A. When you register for a clinical experience course, you will have access to a course shell on MyCanvas. Please ensure you check MyCanvas prior to and throughout your clinical, as this is where your clinical assessor will post important information and communicate with you. 

Q. Can I be exempt from clinical experiences based on prior work experience?
A. For information on this process, please contact the PLAR office

Clinical Requirements

Q. What is HLTH10223?
A. Health and Nursing students wishing to complete clinical courses must successfully complete a number of preclinical requirements in the term prior to registering for a clinical course. You will register for the appropriate preclinical course and then log in to MyCanvas to access preplacement clearance. There you will find all information to complete the preclinical requirements.

HLTH10223 is offered online through MyCanvas; no in-class attendance is required. 

For more information on HLTH10223 including available offerings and fees, please see the Continuing Education Catalogue, and the Preclinical webpage.

Q. What do I need to do before I am ready to go for clinical?
A. In the term prior to beginning your clinical, you must register for HLTH10223 and complete required health clearances, and submit the Clinical Request Form. You must have successfully completed all theory courses for your program prior to beginning the clinical portion.  Students may also be required to complete various Immunizations and Disease Screening protocols required by clinical placement agencies.

Note: Registered students who have been convicted of an offence under the criminal code for which they have not been pardoned may be denied the opportunity to enter clinical placement.

Clinical Location

Q. Where can I do my clinical?
A. When completing your Clinical Placement Request Form (located in MyCanvas under HLTH10223), you will indicate up to 3 preferred dates and 3 preferred hospitals/clinics. We will do our best to secure you a placement at a time and location of your choice, but we can make no guarantees that your desired site will be able to accommodate you.

Note: Clinical placements may occur at locations that are not accessible by public transit. As such, students shall be expected to either have access to a car or the ability to supply their own transportation when attending clinical placement activity. Mohawk shall not be responsible for providing students with transportation to clinical placements inside and outside the Hamilton region.

Q. I live in the Toronto region, can I do my clinical there?
A. While we do our best to accommodate students' preferred locations, obtaining clinical placement in the Toronto region is difficult, unless currently employed by a hospital.

Q. What if I cannot be placed at one of my preferred locations?
A.  The Clinical Clerk will work collaboratively with students when assigning placements. We cannot guarantee your preferred location. After two attempts at seeking placement in your preferred location, you must accept a placement where we place you.