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Services and activities to help you get ready for College, and succeed once you get here.

Orientation Activities

Save important dates

Save important dates

Download and save the full list of due dates and important activities into the calendar on your device.

Save important dates

Be here on "Day One"

Be here on day one!

The first day of college for new students, January 9, 2017, includes Program and Career Launch, a huge college welcome, and many social activities.

Day One

Complete the 8 steps for new students

Register for Start Smart

These are the essential things you need to do BEFORE you start classes.

8 steps for new students


Participate in Orientation

Orientation is more than a one-day event before classes start. It also includes the important things new students need to do before classes start, and a few more things to consider during your first semester. Below are lists of those activities:

You may also want to try:


Save important dates

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January 3

Deadline for full fee payment (late fee will apply after this date)

January 5

Special Authorization add period opens

January 9

Start Smart

January 9

Day One - Orientation for new students

January 10

Classes start new and returning students

January 23

Last day to apply for exemption(s) 


Complete the 8 steps for new students

Learn more about Day One at Mohawk

1 - Book your Assessments for Success

To book your Assessment login to MOCOmotion (opens new window) and go to the "My Student Account" tab. Expand the "NEW Postsecondary Students" section and look for the link to "Book your Assessment for Success."

2 - Register for a Start Smart session

Start Smart sessions are designed to help prepare you for college life. Register for a Start Smart session on any one of these dates:

  • June 30, 2016
  • July 28, 2016
  • September 1, 2016
  • January 9th, 2017

Book your session today!

3 - Pay your fees

Fees must be paid before you can choose your timetable or get your ONE Card.

You may also want to apply for bursaries and scholarships and/or OSAP.

4 - Find out when to choose your timetable

The timetable selection schedule will be posted on MOCOmotion (opens new window). Visit MOCOmotion (opens new window) – login and click on the "My Student Account" tab.

5 - Select and view your timetable

Visit MOCOmotion (opens new window) – login and click on the "My Student Account" tab.

Did you know you can also view your timetable on your mobile device? Download Mohawk's Mobile App for quick access anytime.

6 - Get your ONE Card (student ID)

7 - Buy your books and supplies

[Keep in mind that opened books cannot be returned. Mention something about this?]

Fennell and Stoney Creek Campus

Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster

MSA Used Book Sale

For details, go to the Mohawk Students Association (opens new window) website or contact the Fennell MSA Office at 905-575-2393 or toll free from Brantford at 519-759-7200 ext. 2393.

8 - Attend Day One Orientation events and Program Launch

Day One Orientation is on January 9, 2017. Plan to attend your Academic Program Launch to meet your faculty... (more?).

Schedules will be updated soon on the Program Launch webpage or watch for email in your Mohawk email account.


You may also need to...

Plan your housing

Off Campus Housing

Accommodation listings are available at housing or visit any Student Engagement Office for assistance.

On Campus Housing (Residence)

The Mohawk Student Residence is accepting waiting list applications. Contact the Residence (opens new window)for more information.

Plan your transportation

Are you planning on driving to the college? Visit parking for information.

Don’t want to drive? Visit transportation.

Get a locker

You can book a locker at the Fennell or Stoney Creek Campuses on MOCOmotion (opens new window) by selecting the "My Student Account" tab, then "Access Self Service" then "Student Locker System."

Students at the Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster can book a locker through The Square between 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Look for a part-time job