A transcript is a list of courses taken at Mohawk College.  Your transcript contains details about all the courses and grades you obtained here at Mohawk.

Transcript requests must be submitted through your MyMohawk account.

Ensure that you complete the full request form including the number of transcripts needed and accurate delivery information. 

What if Your Address has Changed?
During our campus closure we will be emailing all transcripts to the requested receiver or your Mohawk College email address.

What if You Don't Have a MyMohawk Account?
If you were a registered Mohawk student prior to 2017, you will not have a MyMohawk account. You will need to complete the online Transcript Request Form (opens new window) instead.

How Long Does a Transcript Request Take? 
Allow 7-10 business days for the processing of transcript requests.

Apprenticeship, archived or government sponsored student transcript requests may take longer to process.