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The ONE Card is the most important piece of identification you will have while at Mohawk College.

The ONE Card is your complete access to the Mohawk Community. The benefits associated with this card include savings, convenience, flexibility and security.

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Your ONE Card is your official identification card for Mohawk College and as such requires you to submit a photo to appear on the card. It is required for all students as well as all faculty and staff. This card serves many functions and can provide you with access to a wide variety of services on campus. It is also used as identification at examinations. 

In addition to being your main identification on campus, your ONE Card can also be used for food purchases, purchases at the book store, printing and photocopying.

The ONE Card is accepted as payment at participating dining, vending, and merchant locations on campus. While some locations may charge a transaction fee when paying with debit or credit, you will never be charged a fee to pay with ONE Card!


ONE Card Services
Phone: 905-575-2121
onecard [at] (Email the ONE Card Office)


ONE Card Information

Manage your ONE Card Account

How do I get my ONE Card?

New Students

One Card Submission Picture of Mo the Hawk

  • To obtain your Mohawk ONE Card (ID card), you must be a registered student. After you have submitted your timetable, you will have to upload your own photo for your ONE Card. Follow the specifications for taking and uploading your photo. Alumni, staff and approved vendors may also use this function.

Submit your photo online

  • To collect your ONE Card after your photo was approved online, you will schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting with a ONE Card team member. Please be sure to have your Government issued photo identification such as a Driver’s License or Passport and proof of your Student ID Number (employment contract, registration information). If you are a registered student, faculty or staff member, you will be issued your first card at no charge.

How to add money:


  • Visit the ONE Card website to add General Dollars using debit, MasterCard or Visa credit card.


Campus Store

  • Visit the campus store (Fennell Campus) or the Campus Store (Stoney Creek Campus) and add General Dollars to your account either by debit card or cash. The Campus Store is located in C104 by The Square at the Fennell campus).

Manage your ONE Card account:

Students, faculty and staff have access to all of the features on the online loading site Mohawk ONE Card including:

  • Login – log in using your Mohawk ID number and password in order to use any of the site features. Only Mohawk students, faculty and staff need to log in.
  • Account – will show your personal information, groups and categories, and ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE.
  • Financial – will show you Balances, Account Messages, Linked Accounts, Transactions, Current Statement, Last Statement
  • Add Cash – to deposit General Dollars to your ONE Card using debit, MasterCard or Visa credit card.

Deposit by Parents

Parents can make a deposit by going to the ONE Card website and then click the "Parental Deposit" link in the right-side menu to deposit General Dollars to student cards using debit, Visa and MasterCard. Parents do not need to log in first. Parents will require the student number and date of birth to deposit funds. Parents do not have access to financial statements, card balances or transaction history, they can only deposit funds. Upon successful completion of a deposit, a receipt will be emailed to the email address entered on the payment page.

  • Log off – students, faculty and staff who have logged in to use the site, should log off when transactions are completed.
  • Deactivate Card – to protect funds on your account, use this feature to deactivate your ID card so that no one can use your card for purchases. If found, your card can be reactivated on the ONE Card website

Lost/Damaged/Replacement Cards

Replacement cards

The ONE Card is non-transferable and must be presented when requested by Mohawk College authorities. The person whose name appears on the card is responsible for all usage. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately online. Contact the ONE Card office to request a replacement ONE Card. A $25.00 replacement fee will be applied before ONE Card can be issued.

Lost/stolen cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you must deactivate your card to protect your balances by visiting the ONE Card management website and using the 'Deactivate Card' feature. Once deactivated, obtain a replacement card by Contacting the ONE Card office and a new card will be issued to you for a $25.00 replacement fee. 

Damaged cards

To replace a damaged card, please Contact the ONE Card office

Where can I use my ONE Card?

Fennell Campus

Tax Free Basic Meal MSA (Flex) Off-Campus (Flex) Campus Snack Dollars


Tim Hortons Logo

Pizza Pizza Logo Dominos Pizza Logo Vending Machines
Subway Logo Urban Fork Logo Montana's Logo Single purchased items
Starbucks Logo  Booster Juice Logo


Turtle Jacks Logo



Mo's ReZtaurant

The Brewed Awakening Logo The Pita Pit Logo  


Fennell Food Court

  basilique logo  

Stoney Creek Campus*

*Includes all Fennell Campus locations

Tax Free Basic Meal Off-Campus (Flex) Campus Snack Dollars
Pizza Pizza Logo The Pita Pit Logo

Vending Machines

Brb (be right burger)  

Single purchased items

Tim Hortons Logo    
On The Go Logo    



IAHS at McMaster Campus

  • Printing at The Square at the McMaster Institute of Applied Health Science building.

Off-campus locations

  • Domino's Pizza at Upper James 
  • Pita Pit at Upper James
  • Maverick Barber Shop at Jackson Square
  • Turtle Jack's at Upper James
  • Montana's at Upper James
  • Sasso at Upper James

Residence Meal Plan

About the Meal Plan

  • As a student living in Residence, your Mohawk ONE Card provides you with flexibility and savings when making meal purchases on and off campus. Mohawk's meal plan is mandatory for all students living in residence and is meant to supplement the funds you spend on meals throughout the year. That is, your meal plan is not meant to cover all your food expenses during the school year.
  • Information about the Mohawk College's Meal Plan can also be found in the FAQ below or on the Mohawk Residence website -

ONE Card Policies - Terms & Conditions

ONE Card holder Agreement:
The ONE Card is issued to you as part of the items to which you are entitled as a member of the College community, under the following terms and conditions. Please read all terms and conditions as these constitute legal obligations between you and Mohawk College. The person whose name is on the card account is responsible for all usage.

Use and Ownership of the ONE Card
Your ONE Card (ID Card) is non-transferable. It may be used solely by you for the purposes that it was issued. Your ONE Card is the property of Mohawk College. It may be cancelled or revoked by the College at any time and must be returned to the ONE Card Office upon request. The card are non-transferable. The card must be presented when requested by Mohawk College authorities.

Lost or Stolen Cards
If your card is lost or stolen, you must deactivate your account to protect your balances by visiting the ONE Card website and using the 'Deactivate Card' feature. Once deactivated, obtain a replacement card by emailing the ONE Card office and a new card will be issued to you for a replacement fee. The Square at Fennell and McMaster (IAHS) accepts cash, debit, MasterCard or Visa, Campus Store at Fennell and Stoney Creek accepts cash, debit and MasterCard or Visa. Until such notification has been received or until your ONE Card has been deactivated, you will be responsible for all use of your ONE Card, whether or not such use is authorized by you. There is a replacement fee for lost or stolen cards. Cardholders are also responsible for replacing their Presto Card (replacement fees may apply).

Debiting your Account, Refunds, and Deactivation
The College will debit your account in accordance with transactions authorized through the use of your ONE Card or as permitted under these terms. Refunds on accounts will be made only where the functions of your ONE Card is cancelled or rendered inactive by the ONE Card Office. Refunds on specific purpose accounts are subject to the restrictions applicable on those accounts. If your ONE Card has no activity for a period of five (5) years, the same will be deactivated by the College and any balance of funds shall become the property of the College. Cash withdrawals are not allowed.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
The ONE Card Office creates and collects information under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”) for the purposes of producing the official personal identification card for Mohawk College and for administering all services associated with the ONE Card. ONE Card services include but are not limited to the following: All services listed in the ONE Card Website

Validation for services (including but not limited to Campus Recreation , examination entrance, Student Health Services, Bus Pass etc.).

Information that is gathered for the above purposes will be protected and used in compliance with FIPPA. Individuals who are applying for a ONE Card acknowledge the above and consent to the collection of personal information, including the digital images used to produce the card.

Information requests about the above should be directed to:
ONE Card Manager
Mohawk College
135 Fennell Ave. West
Hamilton, ON
L9C 0E5

Changes to the terms
The College has the right to amend these terms by posting or displaying such amendments in the ONE Card Office and web site, and from the time of such posting or display, you shall be bound by such amendments.

Cardholder's Consent
By accepting a ONE Card, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Cardholder’s Agreement.

All ONE Cards are and remain the property of the Mohawk College. ONE Card users are fully responsible for any and all purchases made using their ONE Cards.

Students must provide their Student ID number and photo identification i.e.: Drivers’ License, Passport or Canadian Citizenship Card if requesting a new or replacement card.

ONE Cards are to be used only by the person that they are issued to. If used by anyone else, for any reason, the card may be revoked. This policy is to ensure the personal security of each card holder.

If your ONE Card has become demagnetized, you must email the ONE Card office, and a new card will be issued free of charge. A charge will apply to all replacements for cards lost or damaged.

There is a processing fee for any allowable refunds requested. All refunds are payable by cheque to the cardholder. Upon graduation or final departure from Mohawk College, it is your responsibility to email the ONE Card Office and complete a refund request form.

Statements/Account Balances:
You can access your account history and print off statements at any time from the ONE Card website.

ONE Card receipts are also available when using your card to make purchases. This will enable you to keep track of all of your purchases as well as your current ONE Card balance.

To determine your account balance, you may ask for an account inquiry at any on campus retail or food service location that accepts the ONE Card. Note: Any inquiries or disputing of a charge on your account must be made within one month of the transaction date at the ONE Card office.

Refunds will only be issued to those intending to close their account for the following reasons: program withdrawal or graduation. Only the full balance can be refunded, partial refunds are not available. There is a processing fee included in the refunds.

Only the General balances will be refunded. Tax-free and taxable meal plans are non-refundable. Refunds will only be issued to those intending to close their account due to program withdrawal or graduation. Only the full balance can be refunded, partial refunds are not available. There will be a processing fee. The balance refunded will be net against any other monies owing to the college.

In order to obtain a refund, please email the ONE Card Office and complete a refund application form. Refunds will be issued in the form of a cheque, payable to the account holder. Typically, processing time for a refund is 6-8 weeks. Note: due to high volume of activity in the ONE Card Office, refund requests will not be processed during the months of August, September and January.

Disputing Card Charges:
If you have charges you wish to dispute or have concerns about your General account activity, please email the ONE Card Office for assistance with your account. If you have charges you wish to dispute or have concerns about your Meal Plan account activity, please email the ONE Card office C018 (Fennell campus) for assistance. You have 30 calendar days from the date of the transaction to dispute a charge to your ONE Card, after which the charge will remain. Cardholders are responsible for all charges made to lost/stolen cards up to the time of loss notification to the ONE Card Office and deactivation online at the ONE Card website.

Protection of Meal Plans:
Federal and Provincial tax legislation prohibits the use of tax exempt meal plan funds by individuals who are not qualified to receive these benefits. Meals may be purchased only by the ONE Card holder.

Each transaction the cashier will examine the photo on the ONE Card to ensure that the person making the purchase is the ONE Card holder. In all cases where the cashier suspects that somebody is using a ONE Card other than the cardholder, the cashier must contact the ONE Card office and prevent its use.

The security of a ONE Card remains the cardholder's responsibility. ONE Card should be treated like a credit or debit card. If a ONE Card is lost or stolen the card holder is responsible for all charges made to that card until the card is reported lost or stolen.

It is the responsibility of the card holder to protect funds. Should your card be found, contact the ONE Card Office for assistance in reactivating your card. If your card remains lost, email the ONE Card office. Replacement card fees will apply.

Student Card Photos:
The ONE Card is the official identification card for Mohawk College. Identification photos must show a clear view of the face with no hats, headbands, or sunglasses. If you would like a new photo on your Student Card, a fee will apply and you will have to turn in your old card.

Proper Care of Your Card:
Keep your ONE Card in a protective holder to keep it from getting scratched. Do not bend your card as card readers cannot read bent or cracked ONE Cards reliably. Do not punch a hole in your card. If the card is rendered inoperable due to a hole punched in the card the applicable replacement fee will apply for a new card.

Your ONE Card is an important piece of Mohawk College identification, and should be treated as such. Do not lend it out to others.

All ONE Card accounts are in Canadian dollars. All deposits to ONE Card accounts will be in Canadian dollars. We are unable to accept any foreign currency.

Your account and personal information will be kept strictly confidential between the ONE Card Office and Mohawk College. Outside parties will not be privileged to any information about you, your account or the purchases you have made unless your express consent is received, or we are asked to comply with a government agency or a court order.

ONE Card’s are the property of the Mohawk College. They must be presented to College Officials upon request. Cards are non-transferable and may only be used by the cardholder. Unauthorized use, alteration, or duplication for fraudulent use warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary action. Cards become invalid upon termination of affiliation with the College and must be surrendered upon request.

ONE Cards for Continuing Education Students

Though not mandatory for Continuing Education students, a Continuing Education ONE Card may be purchased for $10.00. Submit your own photo at This card is essential for students needing to print or have access to labs. Your CE ONE Card will provide all the same benefits of any other ONE Card.

To be eligible for a CE ONE Card you must be registered for a course in the current semester. 

Benefits of a CE Mohawk College ONE Card include:

  • Official Mohawk College student identification
  • Access to printers on campus
  • Access to Mohawk Library
  • Discounts at external vendors in the Hamilton area
  • Convenient purchasing power while on campus