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Accessible Learning Services is committed to providing equal opportunity, individualized accommodations and supports to students with disabilities.

Who can access services

Whether you identify with experiencing mental health challenges, medical diagnoses, or identify with a disability, we meet students in a safe space, where they frame their own, unique lived experience.

How we can help

Our team is here to support you from beginning to end. Learn about our free services, including labs, counselling and accommodated testing

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Registering with Student Accessibility Services for help with free accommodation planning support, referrals for assessment, tutoring and more. 



Accommodations help students with disabilities get equal opportunity meet the essential requirements for their and course and program. 

Accommodate Online System

Access Accommodate to share your Accommodation Letter, Request new accommodations, or book an appointment.

About us

Read more about our team, our service model and our commitment to our students

Quizzes, Tests, and Exams

Whether it's accommodated testing, assessments for success, pre-admission testing, or missed/makeup testing the Mohawk College Testing Centre is here to help.

The Mohawk College Testing Centre

Student success stories

Accessible Learning Services is committed to providing equal opportunity, individualized accommodations, and supports to students with disabilities.

From Ideal Employees to Industrious Entrepreneurs: How Students with Disabilities Thrive in the Workforce

How the skills developed by students with disabilities serve them in in the workforce, including Andrew, a graduate of the Electrician Construction and Maintenance program who went on to start his own business.

Read Andrew's story

More accessibility stories

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Email: als [at] (als[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)
Phone: 905-575-2122

Fennell Campus
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Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster

Upcoming Events

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    Begin Well, Do Well

    – 4:30 pm
    Aug 27

    Fennell CampusTuesday, August 27 | 8:30 am - 4:30 pmRoom EA006This event, offered through Accessible Learning Services, is for first-year students registered with ALS.Students will participate in various information sessions including Self-Advocacy and Assistive Technology, and will take campus t