Applying for a Course Exemptions

here to help you with your course exemptions

What is a Course Exemption?

If you've successfully taken a course at another post-secondary institution, you may be able to earn credit toward your credential here at Mohawk. Exemptions are granted if a student can show successful completion of work of the same level and scope as defined by the course learning outcomes.  For help determining what courses you can potentially request an exemption, please contact your academic area.

You do not need to request an exemption for a Mohawk course you have already taken and successfully completed, if the course has the same course code or is listed as an equivalent to the course required in your current program. When you use the exemption request tool, it will confirm any equivalencies. You are not required to take this course again.

Understanding the impact of course exemptions.
Receiving exemptions/transfer credits may impact your course load and affect your full-time program status which can impact your eligibility for OSAP, sponsorships, scholarships, and awards. To connect with someone about these potential impacts, Email Financial Assistance.

For international students, part-time program status could also have immigration impacts with post-graduate work permit eligibility. To speak with someone about these impacts, Email International Student Services.

Important steps to complete your course exemption

  1. Apply early - you need to apply for a course exemption at least six weeks before the start of the semester to allow sufficient time for academic approvals before registration begins.
  2. When you apply for your exemption, pay close attention to the Exemption Request Confirmation page. This page contains important information about the documents required in support of your exemption along with instructions about how to submit these documents. Exemption requests will not be reviewed until all required documents are received. Please note that exemption requests can take 4 to 6 weeks to be processed.
  3. Continue to attend your classes until you receive an email informing you of the decision regarding your request. This email will be sent to your Mohawk College email address. If your exemption request is approved, the course will be automatically removed from your timetable.

If your credentials are not from Canada

Ensure that your international credentials have been validated by one of the below services:

Apply for an Exemption in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Go to the Mohawk College Online Exemption Form

  • Login to MyMohawk
  • Go to the Academics tab
  • Under the Course Tools channel, click on Apply for a Course Exemption.

Step 2: Complete the Exemption Form

  • Choose the exemption type (General Education Elective or Regular Course)
  • Choose the course for exemption
  • Enter the transferring institution/course information.

Step 3: Submit Your Request Online

  • Submit your request online.
  • Allow 4 to 6 weeks for your request to be processed.

Step 4: Provide Your Official Transcript(s)

Transcript from your Transferring Institution - Contact your transferring Institution and request that they send a transcript by email to credittransfer [at] (credittransfer[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca).  Transcripts transferred from your Institution using a document sharing system are also accepted.  Transcripts sent by email directly from students are not accepted.

Course Outline(s) - You must submit the course outline(s) for the course(s) you are using towards your exemption request from the year(s) in which you took the course(s). To do so, email credittransfer [at] (credittransfer[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca) and attach the course outline(s) in PDF format.

Step 5: Check Your Exemption Request Status

Click on Student Course Exemption Report under 'Course Tools' on MyMohawk. 

Please note that exemption requests can take 4 to 6 weeks to be processed.  

If your exemption request has been Approved:

  • An “E” grade will be posted under “Final Grades” on MyMohawk 
  • If your exemption request has been approved for a General Education Elective course, the exemption will be posted against an OPEL GE10x course code.                                                

If your exemption request has been Denied:

  • The student course exemption report will indicate the reason for the denial and give you the name of the person who reviewed your request.

For assistance

Contact The Registrar's Office - Student Services at credittransfer [at] (credittransfer[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)

Book a telephone exemptions appointment