Computer Systems Technician - Network Systems (Mississauga Campus - International Only) Co-op Overview

Co-op Format (Fall Intake)

September to December  January to April May to August
Semester 1 Semester 2 Break Semester
Semester 3 Work Term 1 (Co-op) Work Term 2 (Co-op)
Semester 4    

Co-op Format (Winter Intake)

January to April  May to August September to December
Semester 1 Semester 2 Break Semester
Semester 3 Work Term 1 (Co-op) Work Term 2 (Co-op)
Semester 4    

Co-op Format (Spring Intake)

May to August  September to December January to April
Semester 1 Semester 2 Break Semester
Semester 3 Work Term 1 (Co-op) Work Term 2 (Co-op)
Semester 4    

Co-op Delivery and Fees

This program has an optional co-op, as part of the program of study. The annual co-op fee structure can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.

For questions, please contact the Program Coordinator listed at the bottom of the webpage. 

Work Term Capabilities

(which do not reflect individual work experiences & exposures) 

  • Virtualization: Experience creating and configuring VMs with VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation, VPC, Server based virtualization tools
  • Web Languages: HTML/CSS code, forms and CGI
  • Problem Solving: Logic skills, programming structures, flow-charting
  • Database: Database design and SQL
  • Networking: OSI model; network design, mediums and hardware; complex networking and TCP/IP
  • Linux: Working knowledge of Linux commands, processes, scheduling, permissions and scripting
  • Network Protocols: TCP/IP addressing, DNS, DHCP, and ICMP, protocol analyzers
  • Windows Desktop and Server: Installation and configuration of network services, email, printing, NTFS and share permissions, active directory objects, group policies, disk and system management, performance monitoring and recovery console

Students will be able to provide technical support for PC and network hardware and applications to users experiencing a wide range of hardware, software, peripheral and web application problems. Students will have knowledge of TCP/IP Protocols, Linux Operating systems and database design. They will be able to perform Windows network administration and maintenance

  • MS PowerShell: Windows workstation deployment via unattended installation and Sysprep; application deployment via remote installation services and group policies in Active Directory 
  • Cisco Routing: IOS commands, routing protocols, TCP/IP, ACLs, PPP and ISDN, frame relay, switching, VLANs
  • Linux: Installation, configuring network interfaces, user and group management, disk and file Systems management, Resource Monitoring, Printing, Backup and log file management

Students will have an in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP and LAN/WAN interconnections. They will be able to configure and install CISCO routers, routing protocols and VLANs as well as perform network analysis and troubleshoot connectivity problems. Students can perform Microsoft and Linux administration, maintenance and operating system deployment. Students will be competent in a multi-vendor operating system environment and will have the ability to automate routine administrative procedures

  • Understand and configure Enterprise-grade wireless technologies
  • Design and Implement disaster recovery procedures
  • Interact and negotiate with vendors to obtain protection services and products
Co-op Rate
Range: $22.00 - $25.00 Average: $23.00

For further information, please contact:

Tayo Ajayi, Program Coordinator
Email: tayo.ajayi [at] (subject: Computer%20Systems%20Technician%20-%20Network%20Support%20Inquiry) (Tayo Ajayi)