Community and Justice Services Co-op Overview

Co-op Format

September to December January to April May to August
Semester 1Semester 2Vacation
Semester 3Work Term 1 (Co-op)Work Term 2 (Co-op)
Work Term 3 (Co-op)Semester 4 

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Applicants are advised that there are specific requirements that must be completed prior to participating in a co-op placement.

Co-op Delivery and Fees

This program has an optional co-op, as part of the program of study. The annual co-op fee structure can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.

For questions, please contact the Co-op Specialist listed at the bottom of the webpage.

Driver's License and Vehicle

Please note that many of co-op positions for this program require that students have a valid driver’s license ('G' class preferred) and access to a vehicle.

Co-op Designation

This program offers three co-op work term opportunities but requires two completed co-op work terms for the co-op designation. 

Work Term Capabilities

(which do not reflect individual work experiences & exposures)

  • Basic Understanding of Addictions and Disorders
  • Understanding of youth who are in conflict of the law
  • Understanding of Federal and Provincial Correctional Facilities
  • Basic use of force training
  • Criminal and Civil Law
  • Application of Criminal Code of Canada and Provincial Statutes
  • Knowledge of the Canadian Criminal Justice System
  • Communication Techniques – Written and verbal
  • Understanding of Youth Corrections and the disruptive behaviour of youth in our society
  • Understanding of Enforcement Field Careers (CBSA, Corrections, Immigration)
  • Knowledge of Canadian Criminal and Justice Systems
  • Understanding of Arrest Authorities – Citizen and Peace Officer
  • Issues in Psychology
  • Physical fitness training and wellness planning
  • Program planning
  • Risk/Needs assessments
  • Development of restorative justice, rehabilitation and re-entry programs

Career Opportunities

  • Ministry of Children and Youth Services
  • Ministry of Community Safely and Correctional Services
  • Corrections Services of Canada
  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal Policing
  • Canada Border Services
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Within the Community: crime prevention, rehabilitation, restorative justice, youth in conflict, school boards and victims
  • Police Services
  • Special Constable in Courts
  • Special Constable for university police
  • Probation/parole
Co-op Pay RangeCo-op Pay Average
Range: $18.50 - $21.00Average: $19.00

For further information, please contact:

Trent Jarvis, Co-op Specialist
Phone: 905-575-2171
Email: Trent.Jarvis [at] (Trent Jarvis)