Carpooling at Mohawk




Parking rates giving you the summer blues? Want to save up to 50% on parking and commuting costs? Why not try carpool and reap the benefits!

Carpooling is a fantastic way to save on your parking and gas expenses by sharing costs with a carpool friend! The Mohawk College Carpool Zone is an easy way to find other employees or students in your area who are travelling to Mohawk or another nearby employer.

So why should you become a registered carpooler?

  • A carpool pass will grant you access to the expanded preferred carpool lot next to the DBARC
  • Need to drive in alone sometimes? Each member will receive one day of free parking each month for their private vehicle.
  • Worried about a family event? Registered carpools are also covered by Smart Commute Hamilton’s Emergency Ride Home Program (opens new window) which allows them to claim up to $75 expense of a taxi in case a personal situation requires them to leave suddenly during the day.

The average Mohawk commuter spends $232/month and generates 112kg of emissions in their daily commute. By carpooling with one or more buddies, these costs quickly divide among participants saving the average commuter up to $1400 each year!

The free online service allows you to set-up your customized trip plan which takes into consideration of all facets of your trip, and helps to connect you to other commuters. Your information is kept private until you agree to share it with another commuter.

For more information and to learn about how the program works, see our Carpool Flyer (opens PDF, 95kb)!

Visit the Mohawk College Parking Office to get your pass today!

Try Smart Commutes interactive online tool that can help you explore your commuting options. Look for carpool partners, summary of travel times, cost and even calories burned!

Visit Sustainability to learn how Mohawk is reducing it's carbon footprint.