Carpool and Rideshare FAQs

How much money will I save by carpooling and ridesharing?

The monthly cost of driving alone to campus five days a week is more than $100 in fuel and parking alone. If you live more than 50km from campus, that rises to more than $240 and as much as $700 per month. By sharing your costs with others, you stand to save between 50% and 100% on these costs alone.

Want to learn more about the overall costs of operating your vehicle? Visit the CAA Driving Costs Calculator.

I already bought a parking permit. Can I return it?

Yes, parking passes can always be returned. You will receive a pro-rated refund based on the number of weeks remaining on the pass.

How do I share my parking permit with someone else?

Share your parking permit with up to three others by adding additional license plate numbers to the permit. Only one of the registered vehicles may park on campus using the permit at any one time. For more information call Parking Services at 905-575-2121.

Carpooling and ridesharing – what’s the difference?

Carpooling is a regular commitment where two or more drivers agree to drive all members of the carpool on alternating days for a period of time. Ridesharing is an arrangement where passengers can book rides with drivers in their private vehicles, typically using an online platform. Drivers are normally compensated by passengers to help cover the costs of operating their vehicle.