Corporate Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the Mohawk College Corporate Policies and Procedures webpage. This site is intended as a convenient reference for all members of the College community and functions to ensure consistency in the application of College rules and regulations. On this site, you will be able to access all active College policies and procedures.

Should any concern arise as to the accuracy of any procedure posted on this webpage, the document that is maintained by the department or area concerned shall be deemed to be in force.

Any questions you may have regarding policies should be directed to the appropriate "owner" of the policy or the Corporate Policy and Risk Management Analyst, Jessica. jessica.lapcevich [at] (Email Jessica)

Policies and procedures are available in accessible formats upon request.

Policy Updates

REVISED Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy (Opens PDF, 3890 KB)

Mohawk College is committed to maintaining the safety and well-being of all students, employees, governors, and members of the College community. All members of the Mohawk College community have a right to work and study in an environment that is free from any form of sexual violence. This policy and related procedure sets out the way in which we address sexual violence. The College ensures that those affected by sexual violence are believed and appropriately accommodated and ensures that the College has a process of investigation that protects the rights of indiiduals and holds individuals accountable who have committee an act of sexual violence. 

Contact: Rachel Matthews, Dean of Students, rachel.matthews [at] (Email Rachel) OR Cathy O'Donnell, Director, Security Services, catherine.odonnell [at] (Email Cathy)

REVISED Violence Prevention and Protection Policy (Opens PDF, 1389mb)

This policy sets out the reporting and complaint process as well as the framework to enhance the safety and security of the College environment, respond to situations involving serious threats and acts of violence on College premises and minimize the probability of recurrence of dangerous situations and behaviours on College premises and at College-related events.

Contact: Karen Pashleigh, Chief Human Resources Officer, karen.pashleigh [at] (Email Karen), Rachel Matthews, Dean of Students, rachel.matthews [at] (Email Rachel), or, Cathy O'Donnell, Director, Security Services, catherine.odonnell [at] (Email Cathy)

NEW Purchasing Policy (Opens PDF, 3174 KB) (formerly Mohawk College Procurement Directive)

This policy establishes a set of rules which ensures that goods and services are acquired through a process that is open, fair, transparent, and consistent with provincial government policy and establishes an accountability framework to effectively guide College staff with assignment of clear responsibilities throughout each stage of the procurement process.

Contact: Tony DiDomenico, Manager, Purchasing Services, tony.didomenico [at] (Email Tony)

NEW Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) Policy (Opens PDF, 515 KB)

This policy governs the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) on Mohawk College property, and for College related business, activities or events.

Contact: Tom Ferns, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, tom.ferns [at] (Email Tom)

REVISED Smoke-Free Environment Policy (Opens PDF, 1425 KB)

The purpose of this policy is to provide a smoke-free learning and working environment for the College community in accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (O. reg. 48/06) and other applicable legislation, and: provides protection from second hand tobacco smoke; communicates smoking and tobacco use restrictions outlines smoking cessation support; prevents smoking uptake and promotes a smoke-free lifestyle; and, provide a clean and environmentally friendly campus.

NOTE: Vapes (e-cigarettes) and other smokeless tobacco products are included in this policy.

Contact: Cathy O'Donnell, Director, Security Services, catherine.odonnell [at] (Email Cathy)

NEW Approval Authorities for Routine Facility Maintenance Projects Policy (Opens PDF, 109 KB)

The purpose of the policy is to make staff aware that Facility Services is charged with the responsibility to operate, perform routine maintenance and oversee the alteration and to inform occupants not to undertake routine maintenance, additions, alterations or renovations to existing buildings.  Any alterations not related to routine facility maintenance can be requested through the use of the Facilities Work Requisition.

Contact: Henry Colyn, Manager, Facility Operations, henry.colyn [at] (Email Henry)

REVISED Accessibility (AODA) Policy (Opens PDF, 3403 KB)

The purpose of this policy is to establish the College’s commitment and responsibility to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) and its Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation.

Contact: Janice Fennell, Manager, ALS & AODA, janice.fennell [at] (Email Janice)

REVISED Traffic and Parking Regulations Policy (Opens PDF, 2684 KB)

This policy governs the use of parking spaces and lots to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of College business and to provide parking facilities in support of these functions within the limits of available space. 

Contact: Rob Morrallee, Manager, ONECard, Print and Parking, robert.morrallee [at] (Email Rob )

REVISED Approval of Capital, Renovation and Maintenance Projects (Opens PDF, 1076 KB)

This policy has been updated with administrative changes only.

This policy sets out the responsibilities and accountabilities associated with the efficient and economic use of physical/capital resources regarding capital, renovation and maintenance projects.

 Contact: Angela Zehr, Comptroller, angela.zehr [at] (Email Angela )

REVISED Personal Acquisition of Computer Equipment Policy (Opens PDF, 1104 KB)

This policy has been updated with administrative changes only.

This policy establishes the framework of rules for full-time employees to purchase personal computer equipment through an interest free employee loan.

Contact: Angela Zehr, Comptroller, angela.zehr [at] (Email Angela )

REVISED Social Media Policy (Opens PDF, 1.04 MB)

This policy provides administrators, staff and faculty with a clear understanding of how current laws and College policies apply to social media. It is designed to offer practical guidance for responsible, constructive communications via social media channels.

Contact: Hillary Dawson, Head of Public Affairs, hillary.dawson [at] (Email Hillary)

REVISED Purchasing Card Policy (Opens PDF, 207 KB)

The purpose of this policy is to establish a framework for request, approval and use of the College Purchasing Card for College business expenditures; and, to establish a more efficient, cost effective method of purchase and payment for low dollar, high volume goods with an approach that maintains acceptable levels of control and accountability.

Contact: Joanne Lack, Manager, Accounting Services, joanne.lack [at] (Email Joanne)

REVISED Acceptance of Payment Cards Policy (Opens PDF, 2335 KB)

The purpose of Mohawk College’s Acceptance of Payment Cards Policy is to outline the responsibilities of individuals who accept and process payment cards on behalf of the College. This policy will also establish procedures for accepting, processing and storing information relating to payment card transactions at the College that will minimize risk and are within the rules, regulations and guidelines established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Contact: Joanne Lack, Manager, Accounting Services, joanne.lack [at] (Email Joanne) OR Andrew Frank, IT Security Officer, andrew.frank [at] (Email Andrew)


Policies No Longer in Effect

The following policies have been removed from the Corporate Policies Webpage as they are no longer applicable to College operations.

Mohawk College Procurement Directive
CS-1201-2014 Procurement Approval Levels
SS-3301-1981 Posting and Solicitation
GC-4201-1985 Internal Publications (Newsletters)
CS-1200-1978 Art Acquisition
SS-3002-1989 Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries
CS-1209-2005 Return of Goods
CR Purchasing Scope and Responsibilities
AS-2004-2007 Course Outline
CS-1007-1980 Financial Aid
CS-1504-1996 The World Wide Web Page
CS-1205-2012 Capital Purchases
CS-1206-2012 Establishing Signing Authority
CS-1209-2012 Return of Goods to Suppliers
CS-1210-2012 Disposal or Reassignment of Surplus Assets

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