Co-op Admission and Eligibility

Co-op Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet and maintain the following co-op eligibility requirements to maintain their status in co-op education.

  • Be registered as a full-time student in a Mohawk College co-op program before and following a co-op work term. Students must begin and end their co-op program on academic terms.
  • Maintain the minimum academic standing in your program.
  • Have no more than 2 failed or missed courses, or course equivalents, prior to a scheduled co-op work term. Students with more than 2 failed or missed courses, or course equivalents, will not be eligible to seek a co-op position for that work term.
  • Be able to legally work in Canada. International students must have a valid co-op work permit prior to and during their scheduled co-op work terms.
  • Pay the associated co-op fees.
  • Co-op students must attend Co-op Preparation Class prior to their first co-op work term.
  • Co-op students in the following programs should speak to their Co-op Specialist or Program Coordinator about additional program-specific eligibility requirements: 
    • Biotechnology
    • Business Accounting
    • Business Administration – Marketing
    • Electrical Engineering Technician – Power
    • Insurance
    • Manufacturing Engineering Technician – Automation (Industrial Mechanic Millwright)
    • Urban and Regional Planning Technician – GIS

Optional Co-op Admission

Students during the first year of study at Mohawk College can apply to transfer into the following optional co-op programs. Additional program-specific eligibility requirements may apply.

Additional Considerations

  • Co-op fees will be applied once admitted into a co-op program. The annual co-op fee structure can be found on the Tuition and Fees page. Co-op fees are non-refundable. In optional co-op programs, students can withdraw from co-op before the add/drop deadline in order to receive a refund, for that current semester only.
  • Commuting and relocation are factors to consider when pursuing co-op opportunities in particular industries and fields of study. Some co-op positions require that students have a valid driver’s license (‘G’ class preferred) and access to a vehicle.
  • Admission into a co-op program does not guarantee a co-op position. The co-op job search is a competitive process. Students will be supported through the co-op process by their Co-op Specialist.

Please contact the  Co-op Specialist or Program Coordinator for more information regarding Year 1 Co-op Admission and eligibility requirements.