Student Feedback on Teaching Policy

Policy Number: AS-2003-2013
Policy Title: Student Feedback on Teaching
Policy Owner: Vice-President Academic
Effective Date: January 1, 2014

1. Purpose

This policy is intended to provide a framework for collecting and disseminating student feedback on teaching.


2. Application and Scope

This policy applies to all full-time academic programs leading to an Ontario credential, offered by Mohawk College. This policy is encouraged, but not mandatory, for part-time programs, apprenticeship programs and continuing education.


3. Definitions

“Ontario Credential” includes the following: Ontario College certificate, Ontario College Diploma, Ontario College Advanced Diploma and Ontario College Graduate Certificate.


4. Principles

Student feedback helps faculty and instructors improve teaching effectiveness and supports professional development planning.

Student feedback provides valuable data that helps academic areas monitor the quality of programs and ensure continuous improvement.


5. Accountability and Compliance

5.1 Accountability Framework

This policy has been approved by the Senior Management Team.

5.2 Compliance

The Vice President, Academic is responsible for monitoring compliance to this policy and updating the policy as required.

Associate Deans and Faculty are responsible for encouraging student participation in the survey process.


6. Rules

  1. Students will have opportunity to provide feedback on teaching for each course they are enrolled in each term.
  2. A standard, college-wide survey will be developed and used to collect student feedback.
  3. Each term, a window will be identified for the administration of the survey. This window will be at least two weeks in length and sufficiently close to the end of the course to allow for meaningful feedback.
  4. Faculty must provide at least ten minutes in one class to allow students to complete the survey.
  5. Survey results will be released to Faculty and Associate Deans after the release of final grades to students.
  6. Student identities will be kept confidential. Only aggregate data will be released. The only exception to confidentiality will be if there is a threat to the safety of the college or an individual of the college. In this case, the college may identify the student(s) making the threat.


7. Policy Revision Date

7.1 Revision Date

January 2017

7.2 Responsibility

This policy will be reviewed and updated every three years or earlier if required.


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