Program Promotion and Graduation Requirements Policy

Policy Number: SS-3103-2009
Policy Title: Program Promotion and Graduation Requirements
Owner: Registrar
Effective Date: Fall 2009

Last Revised: November 23, 2023

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1. Purpose

This policy outlines requirements related to program progression and graduation.  Mohawk College is committed to a consistent, equitable and transparent process that facilitates students’ progression through their chosen Program of Studies to graduation.

2. Application and Scope

This policy applies to all Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Apprenticeship programs offered by Mohawk College.  Where indicated, some policy provisions are also applicable to applied degree programs.  College policies and procedures related to progression and promotion have been developed in accordance with the Mohawk commitment to excellence and the requirements of the Ministry Colleges and Universities (MCU).

3. Definitions

“Academic Manager” means a managerial employee who performs administrative duties with oversight of academic activities in each Department or School, typically an Associate Dean. The Academic Manager may assign part or all responsibilities for discharging the duties of this policy to an alternative administrator or designate (e.g., Program Manager) as required. 

“Academic Standing” means how/if the student progresses to the next semester

“Course Grade” means the course-specific grade that can be used to determine promotion within the context of the POS. 

“Credential” means an awarded Mohawk College degree, diploma, or certificate, awarded at Convocation.

“Graduation” means the act of receiving an academic credential.

“Passing Grade” means the consistent, college-wide course pass, or specific exempt course/program pass grade as approved by the college.

"Program of Studies (POS)" means an official list of all the required courses and work integrated learning components within all semesters or levels of an approved degree, diploma, or certificate program (developed in compliance with standards established by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities) successful completion of which leads to a credential.

“Semester” means a portion of an academic year, the time during which an educational institution holds courses.

“Semester Promotion” means the WGPA that needs to be achieved within the semester of the POS in order to progress to the next academic semester.

“Weighted Grade Point Average” (WGPA) means a representation of student academic achievement that is calculated using the following formula:

  • The sum of the percentage grades multiplied by the credit value and divided by the sum of the credits for the courses taken as defined by the Program of Studies. 

Courses for which no numeric grade is assigned (e.g., E, CR, AU, R) are not considered in the calculation of the Weighted GPA.

4. Principles

Promotion and Graduation requirements will be developed in a manner that supports student success.  Alterations from established college practices will only be made to align with Ministerial and accreditation requirements, while ensuring equity across academic areas in the application of promotion process.

5. Accountability and Compliance

5.1 Accountability Framework

This policy has been approved by the Senior Leadership Team.

5.2 Compliance

The Registrar's Office is responsible for monitoring compliance with this policy and updating the policy every 5 years or earlier as required.

6. Rules

6.1 Semester Promotion

Advancement from one semester to the next is determined by student academic standing. Students receive an official communication via their Mohawk College email with their academic standing, next steps and resources. Academic standing falls within one of the following categories:

6.1.2 Promote with Good Standing

A WGPA greater than or equal to 60% (semester promotion grade), with no failures, students in this status will be allowed to progress from one semester to the next. 

6.1.3 Promote with Advice

A Weighted GPA greater than or equal to 50%, with no more than one failure. Provided that prerequisites are met, students in this situation may continue into the next term but are strongly encouraged to seek academic advice.

6.1.4 Probation

A weighted GPA greater than or equal to 50% with more than one failure, students in this status are placed on probation. Students are encouraged to seek academic supports to understand the courses they have not successfully completed and their path forward.  Provided that prerequisites are met, students in this situation may continue into the next term.  

6.1.5 Compulsory Withdrawal

Students with a WGPA less than 50% will be withdrawn from the program and be required to meet with their Program Coordinator if in an upper semester, or, Admissions member if in first semester to be considered for readmission. 

6.1.6 Incomplete

Students given an Incomplete designation will be permitted to proceed to the next course for which the incomplete course is a prerequisite. They can continue in the next level course only if prerequisite requirements are satisfactorily addressed through the Incomplete process. This designation will be assigned only if the student can reasonably be expected to clear the deficiency within a six-week time frame, or as defined by the faculty member. If the student is unsuccessful in passing the prerequisite course, the student will be removed from the grade list for the next level course, and they will be required to repeat the prerequisite.

The Academic Manager may extend or abridge the timeframes on the Incomplete Profile. 

6.1.7 Exceptions

The College is committed to maintaining consistent grading standards. However, to respect external accreditation/examination requirements in certain programs, a review of a student’s academic standing can be made to the Academic Manager (or designate).

6.2 Requirements for Graduation

The completion of all courses of the current POS, within twice the normal and original length of the program, and an overall minimum WGPA of 60% is required to graduate. Where courses have been repeated, the highest course grade will be used in the calculation. Exceptions to these graduation requirements require the approval of the Academic Manager (or designate).

The completion of all courses in a POS must also be in alignment with Prior Learning and Recognition (PLAR) and Credit Transfer policies.

To qualify for a Mohawk College credential, students using credit for prior experiential learning must complete at least 25% of the program requirements at Mohawk College. To be eligible for graduation, all students must meet the 25% residency requirements and receive a WGPA above 60% for courses completed at Mohawk College.

When students are completing Mohawk College courses through distance education at another College, residency requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Where the student has had a break in studies, students are required to meet the learning outcomes of the current POS. 

6.2.1 Credentials

Mohawk College assigns credentials for all programs consistent with the Credentials Framework issued by MCU.

6.2.2 Special Training Programs

A Mohawk College “Acknowledgement of Completion” may be issued to acknowledge the completion of a special training or upgrading programs, where program outcomes do not meet the requirements of the MCU Credentials Framework.  The Academic Manager (or designate) will present the document to the student. 

6.2.3 Posthumous Award of Credentials

A Mohawk College credential may be awarded posthumously to students in good academic standing, who have successfully completed at least 75% of their program requirements.  A review of eligibility will be undertaken with the Dean of Students and the Academic area to verify eligibility.

7. Policy Revision Date

7.1 Revision Date

November 2028

7.2 Responsibility

The Registrar will be responsible for reviewing this policy every five (5) years or as required.

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