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Ontario College Diploma
Two years
Contribute to both business and individual insurance planning and security while preparing to earn important industry credentials

The Insurance Program is an Ontario College diploma offered at Fennell Campus in Hamilton. Mohawk has over 40 years of experience in educating insurance professionals.

The Insurance Diploma program will give students the opportunity to discover the challenges of specific Insurance topics and experience field trips, guest speakers and attendance at industry events to make the learning experience exciting and relevant.

Fast Track allows students to complete a two-year Diploma program (non co-op) in 16 months. Students will start in January and be in school for four continuous semesters: Winter, Spring/Summer, Fall and Winter. Students will not be off during the summer.

Program Highlights

  • Mohawk has over 40 years of experience in educating insurance professionals. The Insurance industry provides awards and scholarships in the amount of $10,000 annually
  • Discover the challenges of specific Insurance topics
  • Experience field trips, guest speakers and attendance at industry events to make the learning experience exciting and relevant
  • Students can prepare for professional designations from the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario, Ontario Insurance Adjusters and the Insurance Institute of Canada
  • Complete nine out of ten credits required for The Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation from the Insurance Institute of Canada on an accelerated basis
  • Upon completion of a common first semester, students can choose to transfer into second semester of one of the following programs:
  • Students must maintain an overall 70% GPA per semester in order to maintain co-op status and have no more than one failed or withdrawn course

Program Coordinator

Minimum requirements for admission to the Insurance Diploma program

  • OSSD or equivalent (Mohawk Academic Upgrading, GED) including:
    • Grade 12 English, C or U or equivalent
    • Grade 11 Mathematics, C, M or U level or equivalent

Option are available for mature applicants.

Note: An additional requirement based on overall grades may be required to proceed into some of these programs.

Don't have the necessary requirements?

Career Opportunities

The Insurance Diploma program can lead to exciting career opportunities

Insurance careers may involve the following: 

Industries of Employment:

  • Insurance Companies
  • General Business Organizations
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • Independent Adjusting Firms
  • Brokerages and Agencies

Occupational Categories:

  • Underwriters
  • Claims Adjusters
  • Brokers/Agents
  • Risk Managers
  • Company Field Representatives
  • Mediators
  • Fraud Investigators

Graduate Opportunities

  • Students may choose to register for the CIP national exams at an additional cost in order to receive credentials awarded by the Institute
  • For degree transfer/completion opportunities, visit Pathways and Credit Transfer
  • Mohawk offers a one-weekcIntensive Registered Insurance Broker course (RIBO) at the college for Insurance Program graduates who have successfully completed their fourth semester of the Insurance program in spring who wish to obtain their basic broker level one license
  • In collaboration with IBAO, and Insurance Brokers Association of Hamilton (IBAH), Mohawk College is offering the graduating students of the Insurance Diploma program an accelerated training program specifically designed to prepare students to challenge the RIBO Level I Licensing Entrance Exam. Visit

    RIBO Level I Licensing Entrance Exam

    In this five day accelerated training program students will complete an overview of the Fundamentals of Insurance Textbook. OAP 1 Wording, Comprehensive Homeowners, Wording, Travel Insurance and RIBO Act Examination on Day Five


    Upon completion of this course, the student will be qualified to be an "other than life" Insurance Broker as defined in the Registered Insurance Brokers Act, RSO1990 and its regulations. In order for a student to obtain a RIBO registration, it is necessary that employment be obtained with an unrestricted broker within 12 months of the date of passing the examination.

    The student will receive a Level 1 "unrestricted registration". After 2 years working as a restricted broker and successful completion of the Advanced Broker respective examinations, this restriction can be removed.

    A restricted registration permits a broker to effect any type of Property and Casualty coverages but the broker is required to have sufficient knowledge of the coverages in order to handle the client's needs in a professional and competent manner.

    Successful candidates may gain employment through any Registered Brokerage in the Province of Ontario. If a candidate does not become employed and registered within 12 months, the student will be required to re-write a RIBO examination.

    The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario, IBAH, Mohawk College and the Instructors are not responsible for obtaining such employment or recommending employment opportunities.

    The Course

    The Basic Broker Preparation Course satisfies the Basic Broker Skill Requirement as established by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). It is a lengthy and fast moving course that requires attendance at all lectures. It is recommended that a student spend a minimum of 3-4 hours in private study between each lecture. Emphasis is placed on Insurance Principles and personal automobile and property coverages. Frequent Term Quizzes given throughout the course allow the student a measure of his/her accomplishments to date. A review exam will be supplied covering all course subject matter in preparation for the RIBO exam. These quizzes and review exam do not contribute to the RIBO exam or marks.

    The RIBO exam will be written in class on the last day of the course.

    The Exam

    The examination is set by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario. The student is required to submit an examination application and pay to RIBO the examination fee of $180 in addition to the course enrolment fee. This examination fee, application, two passport size photos and a Criminal Record Verification are due on Thursday, April 13, 2017 to rebekah.braun [at] (Becky Braun) in the M Wing.

    The examination of 3-hour duration contains 90 multiple choice questions and 10 short answer questions. Fifty percent (50%) of the exam will be "open book" and the candidate will be supplied with the Ontario Automobile Policy and the Habitational Policies for reference purposes. The student must obtain a mark of 75% or higher to be successful.

    Re-writes are limited to 3 examination attempts in a 12-month period. The re-write fee is $90.00.

    Course Date and Time

    Course Dates Monday, May 8, 2017 - Friday, May 12, 2017
    Course Times TBD
    Location Room TBA
    Mohawk College
    135 Fennell Avenue West
    Hamilton, ON L9C 1E9
    Course Fee $499.00
    Examination Fee $180.00

    You must submit a "Criminal Record Verification". See application for instructions and how to obtain this form from your local police department.

    The fee includes tuition, text material and all handouts. In addition the student will be responsible for the RIBO exam fee of $180.00 which is to be submitted by Thursday, April 13, 2017. You will be notified by Mary Martin when the RIBO exam application is ready for completion.

    The Course Fee is payable to:

    Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
    135 Fennell Avenue West
    Hamilton, ON L9C 1E9

    The Examination Fee is payable to the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario.

    Request for Application for Registration Form

    Download the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario Application (opens PDF, 73kb) for Basic Brokers Preparation Course.

    Download the Student Item Request Form (opens PDF, 88kb) to take to The Square to make a payment.

    Course fee of $499.00 must be paid at The Square. Proof of payment must accompany application and be included with your completed registration package. Exam Fee of $180.00 is to be paid by certified cheque/money order and made payable to Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, and dropped off to M Wing with your completed Registration Package.

    Please email Becky Braun at rebekah.braun [at] for additional information or questions.

Course Overview & Descriptions

Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes, often referred to as ‘Program Standards', set out the essential learning that a student must achieve before being deemed ready to graduate.

In many cases these program learning outcomes were developed by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) in consultation with employers and educators who are experts in the program field. To ensure the outcomes remain current and in line with industry needs, we invite our employers, graduates working in the field and current students to re-examine and update them during regular, ongoing program review focus groups.

Additional Information

Why Mohawk? Insurance Program Testimonials

What Employers Look For When Hiring Mohawk Grads

Dan Lawrie

Economical Insurance

Aviva Insurance

Cowan Insurance Group

KTX Insurance Brokers

Crawford and Company

Property & Inland Marine

Dufferein Mutual Insurance

Fennell Campus
Jan 2017
Sep 2017
Co-op option

Estimated first year tuition and fees

Full Cost Breakdown
Glenn Gibson

“When you hire a graduate from Mohawk College's Insurance program, you know the person has received skill based training that is going to allow them to immediately step into the fast-paced and challenging work we do. This program does not provide a job, it provides you a dynamic career. I can say this because I am a graduate of the program and so are 25 other senior members of my company.”

CEO, Crawford Adjusters Canada Inc.

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"The Insurance Institute of Canada established the "Chartered Insurance Professional" (CIP) designation to create a benchmark for professionalism and knowledge within the Insurance industry. The Hamilton/Niagara Chapter of the Insurance Institute of Ontario is very pleased to see individuals graduate from the Mohawk College Insurance Program with a number of courses towards this designation. By combining the Insurance Diploma with credits towards the CIP designation, students are on track to becoming leaders in our industry."

Dawn Elliott, CIP, CRM Manager 
Insurance Institute Hamilton/Niagara Chapter

Picture of Harrison

When I was making the decision between a University education and a College Diploma I was told “go to University to become educated, go to College to become employed.” Mohawk College, through their Insurance Co-Op Diploma program has wrapped up the best of both worlds into a neat and tidy 3 year package. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world through the various staff, faculty and professors at Mohawk College. I was plunged into the insurance industry through Mohawk’s fast paced learning environment and was out in the work-force before I even had time to catch my breath. I signed a one year contract with Utter/Morris Insurance Brokers Ltd. and went on to become a licensed insurance broker. Being able to fill the role of an insurance broker as well as see other insurance professionals in the field gave me priceless hands-on experience complimented by the in-class learning.  I have since been offered a full time contract with the firm and I am well on my way with my career in the insurance industry. If you are looking into the insurance industry, there is no better place to start your career than Mohawk College and their Insurance Co-Op Diploma Program.


Picture of Samantha

Hello, I’m Samantha and I am currently enrolled in my final year of the 3 year Insurance Co-op Diploma program at Mohawk College.   I started this program with a very basic knowledge of the insurance industry and was not really sure what my career options were. The Co-op program helped me figure out the direction I wanted to take in the Insurance Industry by combining the knowledge I learned in the classroom with hands on experience in a workplace environment. My Co-op did not disappoint as Mohawk’s Insurance program has helped me gain valuable experience that I believe will give me a competitive edge in the job market and has helped me understand the career choices that exist in the Insurance Field.  I want to thank CARSTAR located in Hamilton, Darling Insurance located in Peterborough, and my professors at Mohawk for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the insurance industry, and for providing me with a positive experience while showing me the different sides to the insurance industry.  Co-op was a great way to explore my career options early by allowing me to try out different jobs in the Insurance Field and has helped me build a network of potential future employers.  


Picture of Jarred

Hi there, my name is Jarred and I am currently enrolled in the Business – Insurance (Co-op) program at Mohawk College. As someone who was rather new to the insurance industry, I chose the co-operative education route in order to further develop and expand on the knowledge I acquired during my first 3 semesters at Mohawk College. This led me to an excellent opportunity at Economical Insurance where I was employed as a Claims Assistant. I worked primarily in the claims payments unit, generally handling the tail end of automobile claims. I was able to apply the knowledge and skills I gained in class in order to make practical real life decisions on the job. I think what I enjoyed most about the work experience was having multiple opportunities to shadow and train in other units of the company. Due to the success of my co-op placement, Economical Insurance has offered me the opportunity to work on a part-time basis while I complete my final semester of study. Furthermore, this has led to a full-time offer of employment following the completion of my studies, where I will return as an Auto Claims Adjuster. In brief, I believe that students that take part in this program will not only become valuable assets to their co-op employer; they become highly valued candidates to a variety of employers when they ultimately graduate. For those that are serious about gaining that competitive advantage, I would highly recommend the co-op program!


Picture of Deanna

Hi there. I’m Deanna and I am currently enrolled in the Insurance Co-Op Diploma program at the McKeil School of Business. I started the program not really knowing what I was getting into…I didn’t even know anyone in the insurance industry. By selecting the co-op program I was able to get a good feel for the market as well as seeing what it is involved in actually working in an insurance setting. This well-rounded co-op program combines the academic studies you have learned in class, as well as the practical, real-time work experience you gain through an industry placement. This full year of co-op also gives you one year work experience you need to complete your last CIP (C16: Business of Insurance). Thanks to Brant Mutual Insurance Company located in Brantford for giving me an opportunity to explore career options, test skills learned in the classroom, and develop new skills in my co-op placement. I highly recommend this route!


Photo of Matthew

Hi, my name is Matthew Marino and I am enrolled in the Insurance Coop Diploma program here at Mohawk College. The program, provided here at Mohawk College allowed me an opportunity to see how the knowledge I learned in class will be implemented into a real working environment within the insurance industry. I cannot think of another program that so effectively implements academic study with actual on the job experience in the industry. It also gave me the chance to get first impressions of the office lifestyle and gave me the chance to network with potential future employers. I would like to thank my co-op placements: The Cooperators and BI&I for providing me the opportunity to discover career paths as well as developing new skills that will help me in the future. To summarize my thoughts, I believe that any student who is interested in the Coop program at Mohawk College should take that opportunity, as it is one of the best ways to get a successful career started.