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Considering Mohawk

Explore the exciting opportunities available at one of Canada’s top colleges. Mohawk College has ranked as the #1 college in the Greater Toronto/Hamilton Area for the 8th straight year!

Learn More About Mohawk!

Your journey to Mohawk College and your new life in Canada have many considerations. Before you apply review these helpful resources and supports to ensure you make the right choice for your educational goals.

If you are a parent of an international student please visit our parents’ webpage for more information.

Discover Mohawk

One of the largest government-funded colleges in Ontario, Mohawk College has an annual enrolment of over 13,000 students including more than 3000 international students from 80+ countries around the world. We pride ourselves in offering our students a rich learning environment that includes an amazing variety of experiential learning opportunities from co-op programs to labs and simulations.

Our dynamic faculty teach 160 programs in our specialties which include healthcare, technology and business, skilled trades, as well as a vast array of other subjects. Check out the 90 programs open to international students!

International 2023-2024 Viewbook

Check out our 2023 - 2024 International View Book (PDF, 6.6mb)

Our international student population is a thriving part of the Mohawk College culture. We support our international students with dedicated staff, services, social opportunities, language training and more. See our range of events just for international students!

In addition, international students come from around the world to learn English from English-speaking Canadian teachers at Mohawk in our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) ESL programs.

Welcome to Mohawk College

Open House at Mohawk International

Understand admission requirements and deadlines

To qualify for admission to Mohawk College programs, there are certain requirements all students must meet.

i) Age Requirement

Effective September 2019 all International students must be at least 17 years of age at the start of classes. All International Students under 18 years of age at the time of study at Mohawk College are required to provide a completed, signed and notarized Custodianship Declaration (IMM 5646) on file with the International team. Students who do not provide proper document will have a hold recorded on their account to prevent registration.

For more information please visit the IRCC website.

ii) English Language Requirement

All applicants are required to submit proof they have successfully completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma & English Credit (Grade 12 U, M or C), or equivalent, prior to commencing studies. Below is a listing of the acceptable English Language Proficiency tests. 

Note: SDS Express Visa Program applicants are required to submit an acceptable IELTS Academic only to be considered for admissions. Other examinations will not be considered.


Certificate &

General Post Secondary Programs^

Post Graduate &

Advanced Post Secondary Programs^

Or successful completion of Mohawk College General Arts & Science – English for Academic Purposes program
IELTS6.0 (no band below 5.5)6.5 (no band below 6.0)


(Including CAEL Online)

50 (no band below 40)60 (no band below 50)
CEFR (C1)169 (no band below 162)176 (no band below 169)
CLBT7 (no band below 7)8 (no band below 8)
PTE50 (no band below 43)58 (no band below 51)

^Refer to the Admissions tab on the Program website for program specific information

Interim Acceptable Tests
**These tests will be accepted on an interim basis through July 2025 starts only. This information is subject to change at the discretion of Mohawk College.
Duolingo*105-110 (no band below 100)115-120 (no band below 105)

English Speaking Countries

All applicants are required to submit proof they have successfully completed a senior level English language credit (or equivalent) prior to commencing studies. Applicants may be exempt from submitting external English Proficiency Evaluation (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL etc.) if they meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Received an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or Canadian provincial equivalent), studying a minimum of two years of full-time study, and completing a senior level English credit (Grade 12 U, M or C). 
  2. Completed at least one year of full-time post-secondary studies in a Canadian Post Secondary institution and completed a college-level Communication (or equivalent).  
  3. Completed at least one year of full-time post-secondary studies in Canada Post Secondary Institution where an approved and acceptable English Language evaluation (i.e. IELTS) was used for admission (or equivalent)
  4. Completed a minimum of two years of full-time secondary or post-secondary education in a country where English is an official, or the only language of common usage, along with completing a senior-level English credit (or equivalent). Refer to approved listing of English Speaking Countries.
  5. Successful completion of the Mohawk College EAP program or authorized Mohawk College ESL pathway program**.

*At the discretion of the International Admissions Officer.

** Once admitted to the EAP program, the student must complete all required levels as scheduled to meet the requirements of the English Proficiency Exemption.

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Tip: Admission Requirements differ slightly from country to country. If you are unsure of what is required from your county, contact your Market Specialist for more information.

iii) Academic Requirements

International students applying to Mohawk College must provide proof of their academic standing equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (Grade 12 High School). The specific certificate or proof required depends on what country you are applying from. Your Market Specialist can help you understand what documentation we will require from your country.

For some students, it may be necessary to successfully complete one or more upgrading courses at Mohawk College before entering a post-secondary program. Your acceptance letter from Mohawk will list any academic conditions that we may require.

iv)Philippines Language Exemptions

The pilot project in the Philippines is now a standard college practice and applies to all accredited higher institutions in Philippines.

Applicants from these institutions may be exempt from submitting external English Proficiency Evaluation (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL etc.) if they meet all of the following requirements:

  • Provide proof they have successfully completed a diploma and/or degree from a secondary or post-secondary institution
  • Studied at least two (2) years in English in an English Language Institution
  • Successfully completed a senior level English language credit (or equivalent) prior to commencing studies
  • Provide a Certificate of English as a Medium of Instruction


Philippines Educational LevelEnglish Proficiency Requirement
Bachelor's Degree HolderIELTS WAIVED
*High School K-12 Graduate
*High School K-12 Graduate + Taken or Started a degree but still unfinished
Bachelor's Degree Undergraduate
*Completed High-School from an Old Curriculum + took a degree but did not finish
High School Graduate (Old Curriculum)Required IELTS or DUOLINGO

v) Visas & Permits

Canadian regulations require all international students who would like to study in Canada to apply for a student visa (sometimes called a study permit).

You cannot apply for a student visa until you have your Letter of Acceptance from Mohawk. The Visa application process takes longer from some countries than from others. We recommend you begin the process as soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance Mohawk. You can find details on the Visa Application and different Express Visa Programs (SDS) here.

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Tip: The smallest error in your visa application can result in the application being denied. Be sure to review your application carefully.

vi) Foreign Credentials Requirements / Advanced Academic Standing

Transfer Credit or Exemptions

If you are transferring from a post-secondary school outside of Canada and wish to use foreign credits or credentials for admission, you must provide an assessment of your documents by a recognized credential assessment service as determined by Mohawk College.

Services We Recognize at This Time Include:

International Credential Assessment and Authentication Services:

Ontario Immigration recognizes the following credentialing services:

  • Telephone: 1-800-321-6021

Recommended for College Entry:

Recommended for Entry to College and Employment in Regulated Professions:

After having your credentials evaluated by one of the above institutions, please submit your original documents (or verified photocopies) along with the Credential Evaluation Report to the college.

vi) Prior Learning & Assessment Recognition

If you have work experience or education credentials that are not typical, but you feel should be considered in your application, please review Mohawk’s policies on `Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR).

Understand fees and deadlines


Please review the Mohawk College fee information page before applying. You will find information on:

  • Total fees, which may vary by program
  • Payment due dates so you can plan your finances

All Mohawk fees are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD). Please note, fees may be changed without notice.

Payment Methods

Payment from Outside of Canada (Flywire)
To make paying fees from your home as simple as possible, we have partnered with Flywire, an innovative online fee payment service for payment by wire transfer.

Payment from Within Canada
Paying fees from within Canada is also simple. You can pay by cheque, money order, bank transfer, or credit card. 

Please refer to your admissions documents for additional payment options.


Mohawk offers fee payment refunds, less an administration fee, only under certain circumstances. Please review our refund policy for full details.

International Student Financial Assistance
Each year, Mohawk College makes available a number of scholarships and bursaries for international students only. During your application process, please review our Scholarships & Bursaries page for more information and to learn how to apply.

Download Mohawk International App from iCent

Our suite of mobile apps can help throughout the application and acceptance process.

Download the mandatory Mohawk International app, from iCent App today and have all the information you need at your fingertips!

The iCent App is your complete guide to help you get ready for the transition to Mohawk and Hamilton, and is FREE for new international students at Mohawk College.

Learn about all the next steps after receiving your offer letter, from checklists before leaving your country, key information you need to know before beginning your studies, to the services available and more.


To access the app, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the app

  2. Enter Canada in the “Institution Country” field

  3. Enter Mohawk College International in the “Institution Name” field

  4. Use your email to register for the app, you will be sent an email with your PIN. Please remember to check your Junk Mail inbox. 

  5. Use your PIN to log in the app. 

Should you have any questions and/or trouble logging in, write to:

Download the iCent app graphic

Note: Google Android in China: We are aware that there have been some download issues for iCent in mainland China. If you are in China please download below. 

Download iCent

Two Dashboards to serve you better - Once your visa has been approved by IRCC, and you have confirmed your intention to study at Mohawk, you will be able to transition from the future student dashboard to the current student dashboard. Please watch your email for details closer to the start of classes.

Apply Now!

We are excited that you are interested in applying to Mohawk College!

Student Direct Application

For the students applying directly to the College without the support of an authorized Mohawk representative

Agent Supported Applications

For authorized Mohawk representatives submitting an application on behalf of an international student

Due to high application volume, we process international applications on a priority basis, with visa-processing times, program availability, and regional application volumes as key considerations. Applications are also considered based on the academic quality of applicants. For the best chance of acceptance, apply early and be aware of all application deadlines.

For more information visit the Applying to Mohawk website.

Attend an Online Get to Know Mohawk event

Our online events offer you a good idea of what Mohawk College is all about and introduce you to many members of the Mohawk College community. Please plan to join us for an online introduction to Mohawk College, also known as Webinar Wednesdays, which are scheduled at convenient times throughout the year. Check back for upcoming events and webinars.

Welcome to our Transitioning to Canada: Essential Planning Series recordings! 

This series is intended to help you think and learn about the essentials for your journey to Mohawk and your life in Canada. 

Please feel free to browse the videos below. We will be posting each webinar after we record them, so please keep checking back for more. 

Pre-Departure Webinar 

An overview of your journey to Canada. What you need to know before you arrive, your transition to life in Canada, and starting school at Mohawk! If you have questions about starting, this webinar is for you! 

Watch the Pre-Departure Webinar

Healthcare Webinar 

Everything you need to know about healthcare in Canada. Learn about the two types of health insurance plans that are provided to international students at Mohawk, as well as on-campus healthcare supports. 

Watch the Healthcare Webinar

Employment Webinar 

Join our International Student Career Advisor and the Arrivals team as we explore employment in Canada. Learn about the research you need to do before you are employed in Canada, your rights as an employee, and how to avoid employment scams.

Watch the Employment Webinar

Housing Webinar 

A webinar about housing in the Hamilton area. We will review on-campus and off-campus accommodation options. Explore neighbourhoods, tenant rights, your responsibilities as a roommate, and general tips for your housing search. 

Watch the Housing Webinar

Webinar Wednesday 2023 Recordings:

Creative Industries Showcase
What are the programs in Creative Industries and what is a Creative Industry?
Creative Industries

Everything you need to know about Degree Programs at Mohawk College
Join faculty from Mohawk to discuss our newest degree programs at Mohawk College for International students!
Degree Program Offerings at Mohawk College

Pre-Departure to Mohawk College – Fall 2023
Join the team to learn about everything you need to know before you come to Mohawk College!
Mohawk College Pre-Departure - September 2023

Pre-Departure to Mohawk Mississauga – Fall 2023
Join the team to learn about everything you need to know before you come to Mohawk College!
Mohawk Mississauga Pre-Departure - September 2023

Navigating Canadian HealthCare? What is covered by my Insurance?
Join the Student Engagement team to learn more about your Health Insurance as a student at Mohawk College!
Navigating Canadian HealthCare

Navigating Off-Campus Housing and On-Campus Housing Options
Join the Arrivals team as they provide tips on how to search for safe and affordable housing.
Housing for Mohawk College International Students

Employment in Canada
Join our Career Advisors to discuss employment opportunities for new international students as well as for your future career!
Employment in Canada - what you need to know!

Access virtual resources

We maintain a library of information resources for you to review online.

Talk to a Market Specialist

We are proud to support international students from over all over the World. Our dedicated Market Specialists support you based on the country that you come from and are here to answer your questions and support your educational journey. If you are interested in learning more about studying at Mohawk please contact your market specialist.

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Access our International Viewbook to see all the programs we have to offer international students!

Download the International Viewbook (PDF, 3.9mb)

Download the International Graduate and Professional Studies At a Glance Program Guide (PDF, 289kb).

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