Security Services

Portrait of Security Services staff

Mohawk Security Services is on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support the college community. 

Our Mission

Mohawk College Security Services is a dedicated and passionate team that provides a proactive, community-oriented approach to security and emergency management on campus. We are committed to the mission and values of the college and will endeavour to provide excellent, inclusive, and accountable service. We recognize that our faculty, staff, students and community serve as our most important assets. We believe in a safe and secure environment where diverse social, cultural and academic values are cherished. 

Our Objectives

The objectives of Security Services as it relates to campus safety and security are:

  • To be accountable to the college community
  • To respond to emergencies and provide assistance to students, employees, partners and visitors
  • To protect persons and property by developing proactive programs that promote safety and security by managing, communicating and delivering these programs to the college community on an ongoing basis
  • To prevent crime, maintain the peace, resolve conflicts and promote good order
  • To develop, educate, test and drill emergency procedures
  • To actively monitor safety and security issues, trends, emerging legislation and technology  ensuring the college is current with all policies and strategies