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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Strategic Plan evokes a vision of Mohawk as a postsecondary destination renowned for its innovation culture and for skilled graduates ready to make a difference.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in providing everyone who learns and works at Mohawk with an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment.

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Ron McKerlie is currently President of Mohawk College and Mohawk College Foundation in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Mohawk Executive Group

Access the executive bios and contact information of Mohawk College's Executive Group.

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Senior Leadership Team

Access contact information for our Senior Leadership Team.

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Board of Governors

The Mohawk College Board of Governors is a 19 member board, composed of 14 External Governors, and 5 Internal Governors including the President.

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Corporate Services

Building on teamwork under the leadership of the Mohawk Executive Group, the staff in Corporate Services provide the best possible services to students, clients and staff.

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Policies and Procedures

This site is intended as a convenient reference for all members of the College community and functions to ensure consistency in the application of College rules and regulations.

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Whistle Blowing

Our History

Mohawk College has a rich history including two predecessors, the Hamilton Institute of Technology and the Provincial Institute of Textiles.

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Student Leadership

Corporate Services

Student Services

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