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Chief Marketing and Recruitment

Name Title Email Ext.
Lori Morgan Chief Marketing and Recruitment Officer lori.morgan [at] 3571
Lisa Fitzpatrick Operations Coordinator, Marketing and Recruitment lisa.fitzpatrick [at] 2115

Marketing, Creative Services and Web

Name Title Email Ext.
Nicole Morino Acting Director, Marketing and Creative Services nicole.morino [at]  


Name Title Email Ext.
Heather Bridge Manager, Marketing and Media Strategy heather.bridge [at] 2065
Chris Hitchings Marketing Specialist - Non-Direct christopher.hitchings [at]  
Deborah Konig Marketing Specialist - Continuing Education deborah.konig [at] 4339
Joanne MacDonald Marketing Specialist - Lead Generation joanne.macdonald4 [at]  

Creative Services

Name Title Email Ext.
Cindy LeBlanc Marketing Traffic Coordinator cindy.leblanc2 [at] 4775
Phil Van Marketing Traffic Support (PT) phil.van [at] 4594
Jenna Yeomans Alumni & Student Communications Coordinator meaghan.drury [at] 3719
Mike Jerome Graphic Designer michael.jerome [at] 4555
Maggie Makar Graphic Designer - Lead magdalena.makar [at] 3009
Kelly Drennan Graphic Designer (PT) kelly.drennan [at] 3256
Lindsay Rennie Graphic Designer (PT) lindsay.rennie1 [at] 3256
Annie Jong Graphic Designer (PT) annie.jong [at]  


Name Title Email Ext.
Ken Wong Manager, Web and Content Optimization kenneth.wong [at] 4088
Derek Shaw Full Stack Web Developer - Drupal [at] 3143
Estefani Saban-Chacon Web Developer e.saban-chacon [at]  

Student Recruitment

Name Title Email Ext.
Rose Gilles Director, Student Recruitment rose.gilles [at] 2310
Jamie Arcoleo Outreach and Education Advisor jamie.arcoleo [at] 2114
Cherish Gibson Outreach and Education Advisor cherish.gibson [at] 2496
Kimberly Greenholm Outreach and Education Advisor kim.greenholm [at] 2411
Terrilynn MacMillan Outreach and Education Advisor terrilynn.macmillan [at] 4298
Tracey-Ann Prokipczuk Outreach and Education Advisor tracey-ann.prokipcuzk [at] 3362
Samantha Walker Outreach and Education Advisor samantha.walker1 [at] 2354
Kayla Jenkins Indigenous Outreach and Education Advisor kayla.jenkins [at] 4206
Jenny Hall Outreach and Transition Coach jennifer.hall7 [at] 4206
Ann Francisci Discovery Coach (PT) ann.francisci [at] 2460

Student Lifecycle Communications

Name Title Email Ext.
Meaghan Drury Acting Manager, Student and Alumni Marketing Communications meaghan.drury [at] 4011
Paige Petrovsky Digital & Physical Space Student Communication Support

paige.petrovsky [at]

Samantha Hoover Future Ready Premium Employer Program, Marketing Support samantha.hoover [at]  


Name Title Email Ext.
Wendy Makey Director, Alumni Relations wendy.makey [at] 2080
Lynn Matisz Alumni Relations Coordinator lynn.matisz [at] 2067
Lindsay Dyment Student and Recent Alumni Engagement Officer lindsay.dyment [at] 3163
Daniel Frappa Data Assistant (PT) daniel.frappa [at] 2258
Linda Fraser Alumni Program & Events Assistant (PT) linda.fraser1 [at]