Distinguished Fellow - Honorary Diploma Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens

Chief Corporate Services Officer, KF Aerospace
Distinguished Fellow - Honorary Diploma

Grant Stevens is the Chief Corporate Services Officer with KF Aerospace, a leading Canadian aerospace company with over 1,000 staff that competes globally in aircraft maintenance and engineering, military pilot training, aircraft leasing, passengers and cargo flying. As part of the Senior Executive team, Grant leads all business support functions at KF including Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, Networking & Applications, Facilities, Marketing & Communications, and Training. His intense business knowledge, developed over 17 years at KF, has allowed him to lead the organization through the COVID pandemic, a major business re-alignment, develop training partnerships, grow facilities, and implement innovative staffing solutions. Grant sits on the board of the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace.

Grant has a Bachelor of Commerce – Honors in Human Resources and Labour Relations and has been a Certified Professional in Human Resources for almost 25 years.