Steve Sherrer, CEO, Thrive Group, Distinguished Fellow

Steve Sherrer is the CEO of Thrive Group, a non-profit, charitable organization established in 2013 to provide a more consolidated and cost-effective approach to the provision of infrastructure services for St. Peter’s Residence at Chedoke and AbleLiving Support Services. Over the years, Thrive Group has become the umbrella organization for Capability Support Services and Idlewyld Manor, and currently has a team of 1,300 staff across 20 sites. Steve is known for his ability to mobilize community resources and successfully influence transformational change, especially within the healthcare sector.

During the formative years for City School by Mohawk College, the Thrive Group served as an instrumental employer partner and collaborator. Their early support for City School was critical in helping seed and incubate key features such as demand-led training and micro-credentials, which continue to inform City School deliveries to this day. The success of this long-standing alliance can largely be attributed to Steve. Steve recognized the promise City School held for the community. Without reservation, he marshalled his team, committed resources, and leveraged every opportunity to elevate the relationship between Mohawk and Thrive. His unwavering commitment to supporting the college’s leadership in workforce development and community capacity building has supported the college’s efforts to recruit and train more PSWs and the creation of the City School living-classroom at Idlewyld Manor. Steve also serves as Co-Chair of the Brain Disorders & Mental Health and Disability Management Program Advisory Committee at Mohawk College

In addition to his support for Mohawk College, Steve serves on several Boards and committees including the Ontario Community Support Association, the Greater Hamilton Health Network, Ontario Health West Region (OHWR) Health System Recovery and Transformation Table, and as Co-Chair of the OHWR Access and Flow Table.