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More Social Media Accounts at Mohawk

DepartmentsSocial Media Accounts
Academic UpgradingFacebookInstagramX
Alumni AssociationFacebook | Instagram | X
AthleticsFacebook | Instagram | X
City SchoolFacebook | Instagram | X
Community Employment Services (CES)Facebook | Instagram | X
Continuing EducationFacebook | X
LibraryFacebook | Instagram | X
Mohawk College Financial Assistance Facebook | Instagram | X
Mohawk InternationalFacebook | Instagram | Country/Culture/Language Specific Pages
Mohawk Language & Culture CentreInstagram
Mohawk Students' AssociationFacebook | Instagram | X
Social Inc. Facebook | Instagram | X
Student LifeFacebook | Instagram
SustainabilityFacebook | Instagram | X
Summer CampsFacebook | Instagram