7 Keys to Open the Door to Success in Your New Life in Canada

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 By Louai Moghrabi

Canada is one of the best countries in the world for those who want to have a safe place to live and achieve a good future for their families. However, you need to work hard to have a good life and achieve all your goals in Canada, and of course, it will be harder for you as a newcomer. This article will help you to know the keys which could help you to make your dreams come true in Canada.

  1. Planning

“Every minute you spend in planning saves ten minutes in execution,” claims Brian Tracy

Use the Goal Hierarchy diagram to put your goals and tasks in order. Start with the first step and go up until you finish your task and achieve your goal.

Don’t forget to use the SMART Goals template to make sure that your goals are achievable.

Your goals have to be:

  • S- simple, sensible, significant
  • M- meaningful, motivating
  • A- agreed
  • R- reasonable, resourced, result-based
  • T- time-based, time-limited, time/cost-limited, time-sensitive

Then, use The Eisenhower Matrix in Action to determine your goals and your tasks. Divide them into four groups.

  • 1- Important/Urgent – Do them now or as soon as possible.
  • 2- Important/Not Urgent – Schedule them in your calendar to do them later.
  • 3- Unimportant/Urgent – Delegate someone to do them.
  • 4- Unimportant/Not Urgent – Eliminate them now.

2. Time management

This key is the most important one because it will help you to organize your life and save a lot of time.

Here are some steps that will help you to manage your time:

  • Use Google, Microsoft, or any other Calendar app to arrange all your important events, meetings, classes, job times, and appointments.
  • Fill all the gaps in your calendar with the tasks and goals that you decided to do in the planning key. 
  • Use a To-do List app to help you manage your goals or task details which you put in the Goal Hierarchy diagram.
  • Organize your bedtime as you can and sleep well.
  • Focus on one thing during working on your tasks and avoid the distractions such as social media.
  • Organize your documents and your computer folders. This step will help you to reach any of them quickly.
  • Put all the web links you are using often inside Excel or Google sheets, so you can click them quickly.


  1. English

English is the key to the keys. Without very good English, it will be hard for you to use all the newcomer keys.

English will help you to get a lot of benefits like communicating with others, getting a job, studying, starting a business, building your network, or making new friends. You have to put learning English at the top of your goals. There are many free ways to improve your English in Canada.

Here are some free English courses resources: 


  1. Learning

Opportunities are there waiting for you!

If you want to achieve big goals and increase your income in Canada, you have to work hard on your education and your knowledge.

You cannot have a good job with a good salary without having a diploma or a very good experience, so work hard on getting a high level of education or improving your experience so you can get a higher position with higher money.

Here are many education and learning resources.

  1. Networking

Once a businessman told me “Knowing people is a trade” 

More than 65 percent of the jobs are not available online, and almost 40 percent of people find jobs by others' recommendation.

For this reason, building a strong network in Canada is very important. There are many extra benefits to extending your network, such as improving your English, getting help and advice, and learning about Canadian culture. You can grow your network in many ways including volunteer opportunities and participating in events and community activities.


  1. Searching

You’re just one click away.

Newcomers always have a lot of questions about Canada, but sometimes they do not know how or where they can find the answers. As a newcomer, you have to know that there are a lot of websites that could answer all your questions. Just put your question in the google search box, and you will find a lot of information that will answer your question.

Here are some services websites that could help you.

  1. Health, Health, and Health

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Juvenal 

For sure you know as a newcomer that you need a lot of patience and perseverance to face all the challenges and achieve your goals in Canada. However, you have also to know that without good mental health and good body health you cannot achieve anything.

Canada has many places and many services which support your health. In Canada,

there are a lot of places which help you to do any kind of sports and activities like parks, bike trails, and sports fields for activities such as basketball, soccer, skiing, and hockey. Also, there are many services to support your health, such as:


These are the most important keys that will help newcomers to integrate and achieve their dreams in Canada.


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Louai Moghrabi

My name is Louai Moghrabi. I came to Canada in January 2020 I am living in Hamilton Ontario. Before I came to Canada I worked in several administrative positions. Starting with managing my family's own small clothes factory to ending with working with two refugee organizations in Egypt as a data Manager and an Executive Manage part-time. I attended a lot of courses about technology, management, marketing, business, and critical thinking. I am working on starting my own business “Click Business Tech”. It is about Marketing and Training. I studied many LINC courses at Mohawk College the last one was Listening and Speaking LINC College Preparation. I want to study Business Administration at Mohawk in January 2023.


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