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Clothes piled up in a factory

Consequences of Fast Fashion

Written by: Kimberly Yvonne Brought to you by Mohawk Sustainability Fashion is all around us, from media outlets to Instagram influencers - we see it everywhere, it’s fun! For some people, it’s a major part of their identity and a way to express themselves. Popular trends come in and out of style...
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Waste Reduction Week in Canada

This October marks the 20th anniversary of Waste Reduction Week in Canada! From October 18–24, the campaign will highlight daily themes and resources throughout the week. Here we will briefly touch on each theme with information or a fact, some everyday solutions to reduce waste and a link to a...
Photo of Mohawk Student Emmett Steele

Power of storytelling

A good story can help to change a life. This was true for third-year journalism student Emmett Steele when he decided to enroll at Mohawk College. "Stories have always been a very important aspect of my life,” says Emmett. “They provide an escape when reality becomes too much to handle. When I was...