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Self Care During a Job Search

Written by Cara-Lea Suttie - Student and Graduate Employment & Yoga Teacher Whether you are a student looking for a part time job to support you while you study, or you are a recent grad looking to start your career or you’re already into your career but looking to make a change – job searching is...
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Networking For Introverts

By Jacqueline Riselay, CHRP - Future Ready Premium Program Career Coach with Student and Graduate Employment You’ve heard it time and time again. To get a job, you need to network. But there’s just one problem… You’re an introvert and you would rather eat dirt than go up to a complete stranger and...
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Alumni making a difference

By John Jonaid, 1st semester Journalism student As a graduate, you are a valued member of our Mohawk College community. Your knowledge, skills, and experience can make a real difference in the lives of current students. Mohawk offers numerous volunteer positions that provide alumni with...