Frosina Stojanovska-Pocuca

Frosina Stojanovska-Pocuca
Frosina Stojanovska-Pocuca
frosina.stojanovska-pocuca [at] (frosina[dot]stojanovska-pocuca[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)
Mathematics and Statistics

Frosina Stojanovska-Pocuca is a professor of Mathematics and Statistics in the Mathematics Department and a Mathematics coordinator for Engineering Technology at Mohawk College.

She earned a Concurrent Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Education Degree from University of Cyril and Methodius and a Masters of Mathematics for Teachers from the University of Waterloo.

Since joining Mohawk College in 2005, she has been teaching math and statistics courses across different program areas and schools.  Frosina uses her passion and expertise as an educator to create genuine, partaking, and applicable learning experiences for all of her students.  One of her most recent accomplishments is the creation of the Mohawk Math Engineering Competition (m2Ec) for high school students enrolled in college stream math courses.  The first competition launched in 2017 with the objective of helping students realize the application side of mathematics among different engineering disciplines.  She was also nominated in 2017 for the annual Faculty Award of Excellence at Mohawk College.

With her 15 years of teaching and curriculum development experience, Frosina has been an invited speaker to the Fields Institute of Mathematics Education Forum, Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME) and many professional development workshops for high school educators. 

Her current professional areas of interest include exploring different methods and technologies to increase students’ engagement of authentic and purposeful learning of mathematical concepts that promote a deeper level of understanding.  She follows the imperative that students learn better when they are being engaged and, therefore, always tries to include relevant and meaningful contexts through practical examples important to the students’ program of study or their future career.