CareerReady - Co-op Students

Which programs at Mohawk College have co-op?
Please refer to the following link for a current listing of co-op programs.

When does my program go out on a co-op work term?
Please refer to the following link for a list of co-op programs and their co-op rotations.

Am I guaranteed a co-op job?
Co-op Services endeavours to provide sufficient job opportunities for all co-op students. However, since labour market conditions are variable and beyond our control, we cannot guarantee co-op students a co-op job .

There is a Co-op Specialist attached to every co-op program who works with the co-op students to help them find co-op employment. Students who are in a co-op program will be enrolled in a five week co-op class that will explain the policies and process of the co-op program. Students will also learn how to prepare a marketable resume and other job search related information.

What can I do to increase my chances of finding a co-op position?
To increase their chances for employment success, students should:

  1. Thoroughly investigate co-op jobs before applying to them (i.e. confirm location, read job description, research company)
  2. Spend time developing marketable documents such as their resume and cover letter.
  3. Prepare for each interview
  4. Conduct their own co-op job search
  5. Not apply to jobs that they have no intention of accepting

What can I do if I don't get a co-op job?
Even when there are sufficient jobs to employ all students in a program, there can still be students who for a variety of reasons do not obtain a co-op position. The cooperative education staff will make every effort to assist such students and will continue efforts to provide appropriate co-op job opportunities. Students are also expected to continue a personal job search. Students who do not obtain a co-op job will receive a transcript designation ofNG (no grade) for the work term

How much will I get paid on my co-op position?
Pay will vary based on each employer. View a guideline on the average rate of pay for your program.

What are the fees for co-op and when do I pay them?
Cooperative education fees cover the costs of administration and services provided by Co-op Services. These fees are determined annually by Mohawk College, and normally distributed over several semesters to distribute the cost. Payment of cooperative education fees does not guarantee co-op employment. There will be no exemptions from the payment of full cooperative education fees for co-op students, based on participation in the cooperative education program. Please note that Co-op Services is not responsible for the administration or the collection of cooperative education fees. Fee inquiries should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Can I put off my co-op work terms until the end of my program?
No, a co-op work term must take place between academic semesters, meaning that it cannot take place after a student has completed their program. At that point, they are considered a graduate, not a co-op student.

Are co-op employers likely to hire co-op graduates?
Yes, quite a few of employers have made full time offers to their co-op students upon graduation. Many employers look at the co-op work term as a trial working period to see if the co-op student would be a good fit as a permanent employee in their company.

How does being on co-op effect my OSAP ?
Students who receive OSAP should contact a Financial Aid Advisor to see what forms they may need to fill out when on a co-op work term.

Am I allowed to take courses during my co-op work terms?
Co-op Work Terms are designed so that students can work full time and become fully immersed in their co-op work experience without having to worry about academic studies. However, sometimes students have courses that they are missing and must pick up during their co-op rotation.

If a student has committed to work full time for an employer, then they must try to fit their academic studies around their work schedule. Sometimes employers are flexible and will allow a student to work around their class or sometimes that class can be taken through Continuing Education or On Line Studies.

If a student has more than one course that they need to pick up, then it is advised that they choose not to seek a co-op work term that semester and concentrate on completing their academic studies

Do I have to maintain a certain GPA to remain in co-op?
A student cannot have more than two failures prior to going out on a co-op work term. If a student is missing more than two of their core academic courses prior to going out on a work term then they do not have the work term capabilities that employers are expecting from them. It should be noted that some companies require students to submit their transcripts with their resumes and some companies have hiring policies based on grade point averages or failures.

Can I withdraw from co-op?
Students in mandatory cooperative education programs are automatically registered in co-op for the duration of the program. They do not have the option to withdraw and are responsible for all co-op fees, regardless of their actual participation in the cooperative education work terms. Students in programs with an optional cooperative education program may withdraw from the cooperative education component, but should check with their Co-op Specialist with regards to the deadline dates and process for withdrawing. Click on the program you are interested in on the co-op programs page to see if your program is mandatory or optional.

Can International Students participate in co-op?
Yes, International Students are allowed to participate in the co-op program as long as they have a valid work permit before they are due to go out on a co-op work term.