FAQ - Advertising and Marketing Communications Management

Do I need a laptop for classes?
Not really, but that would be personal preference. The College is wireless, and has many open access computer labs and areas. However many students like to use laptops or tablets to take notes or access eLearn. Some instructors will have specific rules or guidelines on laptop use in class.

Mac or PC?
In the Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program, we use both. Our primary computer labs are equipped with Macs, but they are dual platform: they run platforms for Apple and Windows. In the first semester of our program, we are pretty much focused on the Windows platform. We move into Creative Suite, including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator in the second semester. Students that select to focus on Creative stream as of Year Two often prefer the Apple hardware.

I'm choosing Creative stream in my second year... Mac or PC?
Again, it's personal preference. A few years ago, the challenge with Apple products is that they were very specialized to creative business focus. Now, Apple products have penetrated the home market. You are more likely than not to be using iPods, iPads and other Apple products in your home. Buy what you prefer. Many of our creative students WILL invest in a Macbook product as it is portable, can be used in class and between classes. Students with regular personal access to the creative software programs tend to excel faster because of ease-of-use and frequency of use.

There doesn't seem to be a posted cost for textbooks in this program; how come?
Textbook needs in our program are quite low. Some of our service courses (courses in our Program of Studies, but offered across many programs) might require textbooks. Marketing 1 is an example of this. However there are only a couple of textbooks required in our program in our core courses. One textbook for Account Management is used across three years and is readily available "used".

Do I get a degree in this program?
We are an advanced diploma program.

Do you have articulation agreements? Can I work towards a degree?
Yes, we have a strong articulation agreement with Griffith University in Australia where you can earn a degree in just over a year. Other agreements are posted on the Mohawk College website, under Articulations. Credits towards degrees vary from university to university. Domestic (Canadian) universities tend to offer fewer credits towards their degrees than International universities do.

I've come from another college/university... can I get advanced standing?
Depends on where you are coming from. If you have been in an Advertising program at another college, you will probably receive significant credits but might need to complete credits in our first year still. Your transcripts are evaluated on a case-by-case, or course-by-course basis by the Program Coordinator when you apply.

Is there a fast-track option? I don't want to stay for the full three years... how about an early-exit option?
At present there are no fast-track or early-exit options in our program. You are here for three years. At present there is only one intake...September.

Do people get JOBS with this diploma?
They certainly do! Have a look at our grad profile link. Great career opportunities.