HOAE Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (HOAE)?

The Health Occupations Aptitude Exam is a mandatory pre-admission test for the Practical Nursing (715), OTA/PTA (746) and Cardiovascular Technology (728) programs at Mohawk College.

Why do I have to write this test?

Mohawk College has decided that the results from the HOAE will be used to assist in the selection process for the PSW to PN, Practical Nursing, OTA/PTA and Cardiovascular Technology programs.

What does the HOAE consist of?

The HOAE covers the following: vocabulary, arithmetic, comprehension of form relationships, spelling, reading comprehension, natural science (biology, chemistry, health, safety, etc.) and a vocational adjustment index. Each section has specific time limit and set of questions:

  • Academic Aptitude - 40 minutes; 75 questions
  • Spelling - 15 minutes; 45 questions
  • Reading Comprehension - 35 minutes; 35 questions
  • Information in the Natural Sciences - 25 minutes; 60 questions
  • Vocational Adjustment Index - 15 minutes; 90 questions

Check out some sample questions (opens new window). Please note that the sample questions serve to familiarize you with the format and types of questions found on the test. These questions will not appear on the exam.

How do I book my test date?

To book a testing date, call the Pre-Admission Testing Centre at 905-575-2448 or 519-759-7200 ext. 2448. Please note that testing appointments are available by phone only. If you have any questions related to the HOAE testing process, you may email hoae [at] mohawkcollege.ca. The Pre-Admission Testing Centre phone line hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm

When can I write the HOAE?

For HOAE deadline dates, please contact the Pre-Admission Testing Centre at 905-575-2448.

Where will I be writing the test?

The HOAE will take place at Mohawk College Fennell Campus in Hamilton only.

How long is the HOAE?

The maximum amount of time allowed for the HOAE is 2 hours and 10 minutes. You are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to the test to register and allow adequate time to process payment.

Is there a fee to write the HOAE?

Yes, there is a $50 testing fee, payable prior to testing. Please note that if you have a hold on your Mohawk College account, this will need to be resolved prior to testing as payment cannot be processed until this is cleared.

How do I pay for the HOAE?

If testing during regular business hours (8:30am - 4:30pm): The test payment of $50.00 must be made at The Square (C101) prior to testing. Acceptable methods of payment at The Square are Cash, Money Order, Debit, Visa or MasterCard.

If testing in the evening or on a Saturday: You may pay at The Square during business hours in advance or bring payment to your scheduled exam appointment. If payment is brought to the appointment, the only acceptable method of payment is a Money Order or Cashier's Cheque made payable to ‘Mohawk College'.

What do I need to bring on my scheduled test date?

You must bring photo identification and a method of payment for the $50 test fee (if not already paid prior to the test). Please keep the receipt for proof of payment when you come to the Pre-Admission Testing Centre.

What if I require accommodations due to a disability?

Applicants who have an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) or require other special consideration for testing are asked to contact the Pre-Admission Testing Centre and identify themselves as requiring accommodations. Applicants will then be directed to complete a Confidential Intake Form and scheduled into a Group Information and Registration Session prior to writing the HOAE.

When do I get my test results?

Test results are used during the selection process and are not released to the applicant prior to this. You will be provided with a handout after you have completed the test which will specify when results will be available.

Can I use a calculator or dictionary?

External aids are not permitted, including calculators and dictionaries. Scrap paper will be provided for you to work out your answers.

What if I choose not to write the HOAE?

Your application will be incomplete, therefore you will not be considered for acceptance into the PSW-PN, Practical Nursing, OTA/PTA or Cardiovascular Technology program at Mohawk College.

Can I rewrite if I do poorly?

You may only write the HOAE once per application cycle. There will be no rewrites.

Do I have the option of writing the test at a different location?

If you reside more than 200 km from the College, you can request to complete the test at an alternate location. Please contact the Pre-Admission Testing Centre at 905-575-2448 or 519-759-7200 ext. 2448 if you require off-site testing. You will be required to complete a student and proctor agreement form in order to process this request. Completed forms must be faxed to 905-575-2112 by the deadline date provided to you by the Testing Centre. We require at least five business days' notice prior to your scheduled test date to process off-site testing requests and to forward documentation to the alternate location. Please see Off-Site Testing for more information.

I already wrote the HOAE at Mohawk College or another institution. Can those scores be used towards my application?

Applicants are permitted to complete the HOAE only once per application cycle.

If you have any questions about your eligibility to test, please contact the Pre-Admission Testing Centre at 905-575-2448.

I am scheduled to write my test with Mohawk College, but have applied to other colleges which require the HOAE as part of their application process. How will my scores be transferred?

Within 10 days of test completion, your results will be distributed through the Ontario Colleges (opens new window) system to other colleges where you have applied. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they meet the college specific deadlines for HOAE score submission.

I have booked the HOAE test with another college. Do I need to write with Mohawk College as well?

Applicants are permitted to complete the HOAE only once per application cycle. If you will be writing the HOAE (version 3) with another college for the same application cycle, your scores will be transferred to Mohawk College once you have completed the test. Please contact the other college to ensure your scores have been distributed to Mohawk College. You can contact the Pre-Admission testing Centre at 905-575-2448 to confirm your scores have been received. Results must be received by the deadline date in order to meet admission requirements for PSW to PN, Practical Nursing, OTA/PTA and Cardiovascular Technology at Mohawk College. Please see Transferring Your HOAE Results for more information.

Where is Mohawk's Fennell Campus located?

View the map and directions to our Fennell campus in Hamilton.