Meal Plan Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Mohawk College's Meal Plan Mandatory?

Mohawk College has a mandatory meal plan for all students living on residence. The mandatory meal plan is meant to supplement the funds you spend on meals. That is, your meal plan is not meant to cover all your food expenses, during the year as Mohawk College has kept your commitment low. The meal plan is currently open only to students living on residence. Students who do not make a selection, will automatically be assigned to the Commuter Meal Plan.

2. What are the benefits?

  • Savings - The Meal Plans will save you money. Meals purchased using your meal plan are tax free so you can save up to 13% on applicable purchases on campus.
  • Convenience - You do not have to carry cash on campus.
  • Security - If your card is missing or lost, quickly deactivate your card online then contact the ONE Card office to obtain a replacement.
  • Deactivate your card at One Card Portal

3. What are the Mohawk College Meal Plan Options?

For more information, and to see a breakdown of the different Meal Plans available

4. What are the Meal Plan terms and conditions?

For information on the terms and conditions

5. Where can I use my Meal Plan?


Fennell and Stoney Creek Campuses

Once loaded with money, your ONE Card can be used at all food locations on both the Fennell and Stoney Creek campuses, including Mo's Restaurant at the Residence. As well, it is accepted at the following locations: 

Fennell Campus

Campus Snack Dollars

MSA (Flex) - Fennell Campus

Off-Campus (Flex)

Vending Machines

Brewed Awakenings (G Wing)The Pita Pit at Upper James
 The Urban Fork (G Wing)Montana's at Upper James
  Townhall Social Eatery at 581 Concession St.
  Domino's Pizza at Upper James
  Paramount Fine Foods  at Upper James
  Mucho Burrito at Upper James

6. What if I have food allergies or special dietary needs?

Any student with special dietary needs due to health restrictions must contact Food Services for written confirmation so that his/her needs are met before making a decision on applying for Mohawk College residence.

Please contact:

Amit Banerjee (Amit.Banerjee [at] (Amit[dot]Banerjee[at]compass-canada[dot]com)
General Manager (Fennell and Stoney Creek Campuses)
Mohawk College, Fennell Campus 
135 Fennell Ave. W 
Hamilton, ON L9C 0E5
Tel: 905-575-1212 ext. 3659

7. What is a non-taxable MEAL?

Scenarios are based on the mandatory Meal Plan at the Fennell and Stoney Creek Campuses.

Scenario 1

Johnny goes to Subway to purchase a 6" sub and a drink. Will Johnny be able to use his non-taxable Meal Plan portion on his ONE Card?

The answer is 'yes'. He will be able to purchase from the tax-free portion of his Meal Plan. This is the same for any similar purchase at all Chartwells locations (see chart above) in the C-Wing Food Court at the Stoney Creek Campus. This purchase will be taken from Johnny's non-taxable Meal Plan portion.

Scenario 2

Maria goes to the Mohawk Student Association (MSA) food court or an off campus vendor to purchase a pizza, burger, pita, etc. Will Maria be able to use her non-taxable Meal Plan portion on her ONE Card?

The answer is 'no'. MSA and off campus purchases will come out of the MSA/Off campus portion of the meal plan (see chart above)

Scenario 3

Sue goes to Mo's in Residence to purchase potato chips and water. Will Sue be able to use her Flex portion on her ONE Card?

The answer is 'no'. This purchase will be taken from Sue's Meal Plan portion. Therefore beverages or snacks or any items bought at the Residence On the Go or at any campus retail stores are Meal Plan.

Scenario 4

Brian goes to Starbucks to purchase a sandwich, chocolate bar and a drink. Will Brian be able to use his Meal Plan portion on his ONE Card?

The answer is 'yes'. He will be able to purchase his meal using his Meal Plan. This is the same for any similar purchase at any of the Chartwells locations. This purchase will be taken from Johnny's Meal Plan portion.

8. Where can I top up my Meal plan dollars?

You can add funds to your ONE Card anytime online at One Card Portal 

9. What if I leave school before the end of the year?

There is no refund unless you withdraw from the College.  Refunds will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in ‘meal plan days’ or the remaining balance on your meal plan, which ever one is lower.  Meal Plan refundable amounts will be applied to any outstanding balances on your student account, where applicable.  A $50 administration fee will be deducted from refund amounts issued. The Meal Plan is non-transferable.

10. Where do I get my ONE Card?

Your meal card/ONE Card is your Mohawk also your student ID card. Your card will be available for pick up during the move in days after you have submitted an approved photo at ONE Card photo upload site.

When picking up your first ONE Card please bring Government Issued photo id with you.

Your Meal Plan will be pre-loaded onto your card. Bring it with you when you visit the various food services locations as you will not be able to use your Meal Plan without it.

11. What if I have lost my ONE Card?

If your card is lost or stolen, you must deactivate your card to protect your balances by visiting One Card Portal and using the 'Deactivate Card' feature. Once deactivated, contact the ONE Card office, 905-575-2121. A new card will be issued to you for a $25 replacement fee.

12. Who should I contact if my ONE Card is not working?

Should you have any ONE Card related issues, please contact the ONE Card office:
Email the ONE Card Office at onecard [at] (onecard[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)
Call: 905-575-2121

13. How do I purchase a McMaster meal plan?

For students attending the McMaster campus that would like to purchase a McMaster meal plan please head over to the MacExpress (opens new window) website or visit their office.:

Commons Bldg, room 128